A Shoe Story

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Not that the dresses were spectacular in themselves, but the shoes totally ruined what little they had going for them.

Shaheen’s shoes would’ve worked with a shorter hemline, with this dress though, they completely cut her legs off. As for Maria, she may have been going for an easy boho vibe with the fringe boots and ruffle dress, but it just did not work.

Aditi’s dress barely had anything going for it, the footwear was just the proverbial last nail! And finally, where does one even start with Ms. Bedi? Quite fond of cut-out dresses this one, no? Be as it may be, the dress coupled with the shoes- an utter disaster!

L To R: Shaheen Abbas, Aditi Govitrikar, Maria Gorreti And Mandira Bedi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. While each of the ladies have terrific, individual pieces (love the Bottega knot clutch), when put together….yikes! Agree with your assessment, High Heel Confidential. Perhaps these ladies need stylists.

  2. Like someone said, forget the shoes ! The dresses are just torture to the eyes.
    And people when wearing such dress, “foundation” is the key ! Sort that before plunging into designer buys with plunging or no necklines.

  3. oh come on…Maria loooks totally cute!! whats wrong with her styling??
    Shaheen apart from the shoes..fab clutch..nice neckpiece..looks pretty
    mandira’s dress is too lycra’ish and tight i guess..nice clutch..

  4. I believe Maria looks better than rest of the lot…she is looking cute but there is lot that could have been done!!
    i don’t wish to get started …but mandira…looks like a desi batwoman….soon to shot for a comic book!!:P


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