New Kid On The Block

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If rumors are to be believed, Manyata is turning a designer and the outfits below are self-designed. We are all about following your passion, but design-wise, we’ve got to say, we are not the least bit impressed!


Manyata Dutt
Far Left: at Amrita Arora Sangeet
Left: at Mata Ki Chowki
Right: Shilpa Shetty Wedding Reception
Far Right: at her Anniversary Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. gosh….luk at d red stuff….ugly…its like every star wife’s got d designer TALENT….i wud just tel these ladies GO GET SUM LIFE…enough ov ur talents

  2. Oh one more rich socialite wife dabbling in “design”, whilst all of us who slaved 5-6 years in design school scrabble around to find our moorings in the industry… yay…

  3. i hate to use this word- but this is toooooo “chamiya-ish” for my taste- the bling, and nasty curls (are they real?!?!?), the makeup :(
    who will buy her clothes?!?!?

  4. good lord…! looks like pretty soon I’ll have to endure torturous ‘designs’ by this woman that she’ll sell at astronomical prices – not because she has the talent but coz she’s a WAG. Whatever happened to finding ur own niche? what’s with all WAGS turning fashion/interior/jewelry designer??!? It is so cringe-worthy.

  5. The red sari is nice- you would have liked it had it come from a more trendy source. She could have worn t better though. The rest of the clothes- not a fan.

    • you’re right, that red saree would look good if someone stylish was wearing it. I guess its not what you wear but how you wear it that makes all the difference.

  6. The trouble with Manyata is her terribble hair and makeup – if she could get it fixed she may actually look o.k. Although no amount of money can buy good fashion taste – but maybe it’ll buy a stylist!

  7. its incredible that a woman in her position – with access to the best in the industry that makes u look great – from a stylist, to a designer to a make up artist to a hair dresser – has still not woken up to the fact that shes just plain crass !! and dome something about it.
    she has supposed ‘good friends’ & ‘sisters’ like amisha patel and neha uberoi – y cant they just give the helpless soul some direction!
    christ ! shes a sight for sore eyes day after day !!


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