Manish Arora’s Technicolor World

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Manish Arora’s collection: An absolute riot of colors. Kitschy. Pop influenced. Over the top. Technicolor swatch card. Loud. Quirky-glam. But the verdict? Thats yours to make!


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  1. There are a bit too much for the eye ! I mean, I dont know how many ppl end up wearing these.
    Very retro in a way and interesting designs. Kinda funky.

  2. @ anon, Simran

    Not all that designers show are commercial, that meaning, they can’t be worn off the ramp. But later, they do tweak em’ into more commercial or ‘wearable’ pieces!

    They do catch one’s eye and I agree the part about being retro/funky! They are a reflection of pop culture and so very kitschy! Gotta love it!!


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