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While everyone else went western at the Burberry do, it was Ms. Bedi who stood out in her sari. Love.

Mandira Bedi at Burberry Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Saree looks beautiful, better than Manish or Sabya,
    looks clean ans stylish, so glad she did not drop the paloo.
    But elegant and classy….
    See even saree like that you could be stylish????

    • Completely agree with you Dina and I think in this Burberry party she is the only one best dressed and so many others were complete whatteeeyyyyyy

    • i have broad shoulders like mandira too and i don’t have many tops that cover my shoulders too. i feel very conscious of myself if i wear shirts that cover shoulders cos i feel my upper body looks even broader when i cover them. uncovered shoulders on me always get compliments though for their shape.

      • broad shoulders look so sexy uncovered especially when they are toned like mandira’s!!

        i got broad shoulders too and can relate to u… but i cant show my shoulders lol..

        i wish i had her height.. broad shoulders look bad on short person :(.

    • Ditto ! Love it ! And always always love ppl who dare to go indian when the crowd is going western ! will remember this look of hers !
      But also have a small hope to see her experiment other types of blouses. like with wide necks or something.

  2. the sari is sooo beautiful. i think she has a nice small face, so theoretically a pixie cut should work for her, i think she should ask a stylist to soften the texture and the color a bit.

  3. Lovely sari, draping, and smile. A traditional blouse would have made the look perfect.

    Thank you Mandira for not exposing your right breast – very classy indeed! Hope of the rest of bollywood learns from your example.

  4. ooo la la

    what a breath of fresh air from all the try hardy westerns that some people dilligently wear…whether it looks good or not is always a bit of a question lol


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