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At the first ever Vogue Beauty Awards, Mandira chose to wear a pink Swapnil Shinde mini. Not a surprise at all considering she also walked for the designer at the recently held Bangalore Fashion Week.


Left: For Swapnil Shinde at Bangalore Fashion Week 2010
Right: Vogue Beauty Awards

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. Both of these are such ghastly outfits .. I am still not able to understand why all the startlets flock to Swapnil shinde anyways!!!

  2. I was there for this show. Trust me, she looks pretty okay here than in person, i really thought she must be tall but nayy… As for the white gown, Trust me if you look at it closely , the stiches are done with a real bad finish and looks like one of those inner skirts worn inside a saree.

    Am also nota fan of cutout dress. BTW she wore the same dress for the after party of bangalore fshion week, and her twins were more abvious looking than now in the pic. NOPES! FAIL!

  3. Nahh, it highlights her very broad shoulders. Definitely a bad choice for her body type. And that bag(from the little I can see) looks pretty damn ugly!

  4. the thing that she can wear the best is her smile n it makes her beautiful…but where r her saris n long hair ??she always looked hot in them

  5. I have that pink-dress style in different color /brand but same style.
    I never liked it much and now i hate it more.I wish i could see her footwear too.

  6. That pink dress is risque.I just don’t get what is so appealing about her that they make her walk on the runway.
    I think runway is for models and thats how it should be. Indian runways are a joke nowadays. Anyone and everyone can be on that runway.

  7. Both dresses are tacky. In real life Mandira’s shoulders are really broad and she has some serious muscles.. that detracts from her overall look in such shoulder baring styles


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