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Also in Pria Kataria Puri at the Jewelry week were these ladies… Can you pick a favorite?

P.S: If the dress on Hard Kaur looks familiar, that’s coz’ a longer version was spotted on Suchitra Pillai here.

L To R: Mandira Bedi, Hard Kaur And Simran Kaur Mundi At India International Jewellery Week 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. How is Mandira’s outfit, make-up and shoes …not filed under WTHEYYYYY!!! Hideous…..awww my eyes!!!
    Don’t care abt the others either…all of em look bad.

  2. If some people can call themselves as a designer and come up with so-called-designer pieces as above, heck i can be a designer too then! those are super ugly clothes..wonder why would celebs wear them at the first place..

  3. Totally agree… Manida’s dress looks hideous .so does her make up….Simran’s look like a curtain cloth with tassels hanging…. Har Kaur’s is nothing to wrote home about …but if I was pressed to pick one I would go with Hard Kaur sans her hairdo.

  4. Mandira-
    Hideous Hair Style – Check
    Hideous Makeup – Check
    Hideous Dress – Check
    Hideous Accessories – Check
    I say this is completely WTHeyyy worthy!!

  5. Mandira used to be a Style Icon once upon a time..n now i feel really sad to say tht she definately needs a Stylist…such a Hot body bt why the Tacky clothes? whyyyy???


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