Black Was The Night

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Black was the color de rigueur for these ladies who were at LV bash too, in what else but LV.

Loved the Spring 09 dress on Malaika and we thought Sameera wore her Pre-Fall 09 dress rather well too. Glad she skipped the brooch or covered it with her hair in any case. Either way, glad.

As for Shamita’s Fall 09 dress, let’s just say we weren’t fans of the dress as shown on the runway. At all. And so while we are glad she chose a slightly toned down/less puffy version of the dress to wear to the event (for which she does get credit), the dress does nothing for her. Or us.

But, did we already mention how much we loved Malaika’s look? ;)

More pictures of the event Here.

Update: Swapped Pics.


Left: Louis Vuitton, Spring 2009
Right: Malaika Arora at Louis Vuitton Launch in Mumbai


Left: Louis Vuitton, Pre-Fall 2009
Right: Sameera Reddy at Louis Vuitton Launch in Mumbai


Left: Louis Vuitton, Fall 2009
Right: Shamita Shetty at Louis Vuitton Launch in Mumbai

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton, Style

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  1. Malaika and Shamita look great. I would have loved it even more if they switched dresses.
    It’s not that I think Malaika doesn’t look age appropriate or that she’s showing too much skin at all. I love women who can embrace their femininity. However, there is an allure to mystery that goes further than any amount of skin can create. I wish Malaika would tap into it JUST ONCE.

    • It makes me think of the Fug Girls’ nickname for Blake Lively. If only Boobs Legsy correlated as well with Mrs. Khan’s name.
      It’s the same principal isn’t it, YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC BODY. WE KNOW, just put it away every once in a while.
      Although I do think that Blake’s is more enviable, Malaika’s is hard work.

      • Oh gosh me too..and I was dreading saying ‘Malaika’s dress a tad too short…( the feminist brigade here would jump on seems the norm these days * grin*…and she always wears the teeny tiny dresses ( they look great on doubt abt that at all) but just ONCE it would be nice to see her cover up just a little bit…just so we can see how she changes it up…and boobs legsy is a hotty! heart her!

        • @SS: Pseudo feminists, don’t you mean? ;)
          Don’t get me wrong, am all for freedom of choice in clothes, but then again, clothes are only one aspect of showing how you are a feminist. Feminism is actually WAY deeper, and has only about this much to do with clothes(about as much salt as you need to bake cake).

          • @ Stuti: Feminism is obviously not all about clothes, but it also involves a woman’s right to wear whatever she wants without being called names like slutty or subjected to crude anologies or objectified because of it. I dont see how defending that makes you a psuedo-feminist.

            I mean this is a fashion blog, even if you are a feminist who is passionate about different areas of female rights, you are hardly going to voice those thoughts over here. Also, I didnt mean to go so off-topic on a light fashion blog so I apologize, but you DID bring it up.

            P.S: just to clarify I am not saying there is anything wrong with SS or Pdaervo’s comments, I actually agree with them over here, this was just a reply to Stuti’s psuedo feminist comment

          • Stuti, your comment is rather illogical. Like Chocolate Martini said, feminism is not all about a woman’s freedom to wear what she wants but it also includes a woman’s rights to wear clothes of her choice.
            And if you are a feminist you are bound to voice your views about that on appropriate forums (like when someone makes a chauvinistic comment about a woman’s outfit on a fashion blog).
            You will probably also voice your opinion on other aspects of women empowerment, like say, the corporate glass ceiling on appropriate forums for that topic (a fashion blog would NOT be appropriate). So how can you say some one is a ‘psuedo-feminist’ just because they only talk about clothes on a fashion blog (!).
            To be brutally honest (sorry) your comment seems a tad attention-seeking to me

      • @Chocolate Martini and Mojo Jojo: Boy, I really didn’t word myself decently. The word “pseudo” was just SO wrong and I won’t even dare justifying myself or why I used it at all. Trust me, I cringed when I read that right now! Am so sorry you guys, and Mojo Jojo, agree with you on the attention seeking bit. :|

        • @ Stuti:very gracefully done :-) but aww…don’t be so hard on yourself!!! we all have those moments where we don’t express ourselves the way we meant to and it comes out sounding all wrong!!

  2. P & P… MalaiKa and Shamita look great.. how can u like Sameera.. she looks like she’s been stuffed into that dress. The underarm lacy panel looks horrid and tacky on her. Shamita’s dress is much better than hers. malaika looks hot as usual

  3. When really when will Malliaka grow out of these short dresses … She is such a pretty lady with a great figues and a face.. does her make up and her hair great but when will she get over this short dress obsession…
    I cant seem to like Shamita and Samira either… Shamita really needs to pick up some tips from the elder sis on makeup and hair styling….(though actually for this event I didnt find her appealing as well)…
    So far havent seen any great pics from this event…

  4. I think Malaika looks best.. Sameera looks nice but stuffed and don’t care for Shamita’s outfit. Malaika is giving away the classic pose.. like spotting the world’s biggest diamond hehe

  5. Malaika looks fierce and wonderful (if a little monotonous). But the other two dresses are very meh and neither Shamita nor Sameera add anything to them by way of confidence or elegance.

    Sameera’s dress is especially tacky and Shamita’s dress is very poorly constructed for a french couture/ premium deisgner outfit.

    Is it just me or is LV becoming increasingly tacky? First they totally cheapen their brand by monogramming every inch of their accesories and now their clothes are becoming less and less impressive as well.

    But that said, I do love Malaika’s dress and it totally suits her. I would love to see Maliaka in an elegant, feminine floor length gown though, just once. Not because I object to her usual clothes or find them revealing or innapproriate but just because I think it would make a refreshing and powerful change

    • hahah its funny…how ALL of us.( the usual defenders of hot short dresses on great women with hot bodies) have said it here…abt Malaika….wishing she would change it up just once….move away from her teeny tiny trend and put on a feminine longish attire….

      • okay I just looked at the new pictures and I have to add, subtelty might not be Maliaka’s forte but she looks totally sizzling here. She is completely rocking that dress. She actually lookseven better in it than J Lo with her over-processed hair and blinged-out shoes

  6. I think Malaika and Shamita look good. Shamita’s hair and make-up is perfect. Dont really care for Sameera’s look – somehow it does not suit her body type I think

    • agree. sameera’s dress requires slender arms, shamita doesnt have the attitue and malaika needs to dress more appropriate for her age like more classy and elegant dresses.

  7. I think Dia looks nice too (from more pics link). Also, Genelia looks fresh (I have seen that dress before on someone, I think Kareena or Freida?). Anyway, Lara rocks the look, very elegant and understated!

  8. Oohh I am loving the posts on the LV event ^_^

    I am usually one of the few who likes LV but I DO NOT like the dress Malaika is wearing. It’s a horrible ‘dress’.

    The dress Sameera is wearing is D-I-V-I-N-E. Though I’d prefer if she went with nude heels.

    I am undecided about Shamita as I can’t find a decent full length pic. It looks fab on the model but seems to fall flat on Shamita (from the pics I’ve seen).

  9. i love malaika’s luk, she has a great dress luk amazing on or skin show…this lady turely knows how to dress well…and yeah shamita is luking much better than the runaway model in that dress


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