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In a Shivan Narresh halter gown featuring cut-outs and an open back, Malaika posed for photogs on the Green Carpet. Wearing her hair back, she finished out the look with a box clutch, hoops, orange lip, a cocktail ring and really chunky shoes. Malaika knows what works for her and if you were holding your breath for something more restrained and demure, you’ve got to realize this is as far as it goes before you turn blue and pass out.


Malaika Arora At IIFA Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Someday she won’t feel she has to pose like that last picture on the right. I understand this is a fashion blog however body language can make or break a look and her “I am so sexy” in your face poses are a turn off when that’s all you see event after event.

  2. Oh my god…this is just a no no…This could have been so classy but she has to make it look cheap…Utter dislike in the way she carries it..

  3. She and Aishwarya are opposite ends of the spectrum and I have given up on both. She needs to calm down and stop thinking how sexy she is … FOR ONCE!

    • First of all you guys have to bring Aishwarya Rai in every discussion even if she is not there, and then claim that you have given up on her. Funny that you have given up on her but create an opportunity to criticize her when there is none.

  4. Malaika is beginning (?) to look like a caricature of someone who was once-upon-a-time told they were sexy; meanwhile, time has moved on, so have people’s perceptions of what is truly sexy and yet, Mrs Khan seems stuck in that one groove.

  5. You know this is the problem with a Bollywood fashion blog. Yes some experiment and good for them, but most actresses have a signature style. Deepika’s and Kat’s hair, Rekha’s sari – not gonna change. Malaika’s signature look is hot mama and let her work it, I say. We are all getting older, why get the talons out when some of us manage to stay hotter and love it! Who wants to see a demure Mlaika and why do we want to put her in that mould, hmmmm?


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