Blast From The (Recent) Past

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It reminds us a lot of Mrs. Shetty-Kundra’s reception outfit and while we may not like this (or Shilpa’s) gold outfit much, can we agree that it is a TAD(operative word being tad) bit better than Shilpa’s???


Malaika Arora at Vikram Phadnis’ Boutique Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Um, by quantifying these monstrosities( i.e, saying which gown/sari/stupid ugly lump of lurex looked better) would be sacrilege, in my opinion.
    This is one hell of an ugly gown/sari/lump of lurex. Blech.

  2. i think on planet weird… thats supposd to be a saree!!!
    didnt like shilpa’s outfit… and dont like this one either.
    the only reason malaika looke a TAD better (as u guys put it) … is because of the fact she carries all her clothes well.

  3. Malaika has a fab, FAB body….but the looooong tresses, figure-hugging rarely-there item girl wadrobe is getting old: give us something refined and elegant for a change, Malaika!!!She should take a cue from the other ladies at the event, and tone down the sexiness for a change

  4. What the hell is that? AWFUL, looks cheap and tacky. Put it away woman. Why is she showing flesh nearly all the time? She certainly isn’t a classy lady.

  5. No way !!! Atleast Shilpa with her accessories, make-up, figure and of course the ‘newly-married-glow’ carried it off with more poise than this slutty outfit. Shilpa scores here anyday !!

  6. Both of the outfits (Malaika’s and Shilpa’s) look GROSS. Whatever it’s called has gotta go..
    Is Malaika’s outfit made by the same designer who made Shilpa’s?

  7. my my what kind of a dress is this?! They rty hard to be innovative but fall flat!! lol She needs to mellow down a bit now…had enough of her already!! Will she ever go away from our sight?! sho baby sho….

      • I agree ! Actually , haven’t we already seen all that to see of Malaika by now? She has a great body and everything but “sho baby sho” is kinda getting boring … She can try wearing something which covers some of her body for a change… (I am not suggesting that she should be covered all the time but it won’t hurt if she keeps her puppies inside for a change and not take them out for a walk in every picture..)

        • A vulgar anology to comment on a dress that you find vulgar (which you obviously do)? Irony!

          If you expect other woman to be classy/ elegant/ dignified/ covered up then the least you can do is make sure your language isnt objectifying, crude and disrespectful!

          • I mean whatever happened to adjectives like tacky, tawdry and tasteless? Don’t they suffice anymore?

            Must we call women s***s and resort to cheap anologies/ similies and metaphors to emphasize our point? (and degrade the whole of womankind in the process)

            BTW this comment is general, not directed towards you alone

            Also, I know I am commenting on this post wayyyy too much, but all of this stuff on a site that I love and visit often is really getting to me!

          • You are right @chocolate martini . I do realize that I was way off the line .. Thanks for reminding and keeping me in check..;-)

            BTW- HHC is kinda addictive isn’t it …

          • @ koel: I think I got a little (okay a lot ) carried away while commenting on this post as well, so I totally empathize.

            I hope I did not offend you…and yes HHC is ridiculously addictive!

  8. Shilpa’s was better…..This in addition to the pallu and gold body suit has lots of frill and crap going on…so not only is it as bad as Shilpa’s but busy as well with all that drape…it looks like a mishran of the 2 newly wed brides….top half is Shilpa Shetty’s reception dress …bottom half Isha Koppikar’s night club launch outfit!

  9. The hair & makeup is great and the color works well on her. But the dress itself is weird. The bottom part looks like ruffled curtains. And Shilpa wore that blingy costume for her reception….this is just a boutique launch !!! I think its a too much for a boutique launch.

  10. Eeks! This is a ridiculous excuse for a gown, or for that matter, even for a saree! But then, its Malaika. Expecting her to look classy and dignified is really wishful thinking!

  11. I am sorry..but for the lack of better words- she looks really ‘trashy’! there is absolutely nothing ‘fashion’able, trendy, or decent about this outfit. cmon malaika, you’re hot and all, but please dress your age and your status (aka mom)- i am sure her kid is old enough to see this… :(

    • @ tina: Being a mother does not take away from her rights as an induvidual, she’s still a woman and has every right to look and feel sexy if she wants to. I do not see why a woman must lose her sexuality the minute she has children. Most of Hollywood’s reigning ladies today are women, and none of them are opposed to risque looks and scenes on that count.

      It is this outdated mentality that contributes to women occupying such an inferior status in bollywood (ie : less pay, shorter career span)

      • You know if we were hollywood/america, we would be. But the truth is we are Indians, in India- so we must (as much as we may hate or love it) conform to social norms. It is unfortunately IN MY OPINION never a good idea to dress inappropriately in front of your children as they carry that for the rest of their lives. And by the way, accepting your sexuality has nothign to do with not looking like trash. You can be sexy and sensual without looking trashy. Unfortunaltely the lovely Malalika Khan almost always looks trashy.

        • plus when did it become ” outdated” to dress chic, classy and your age!?!?
          it is certainly not ‘this’ thinking that has women earning less than men!
          and certainly dressing trashy won’t get them the higher pay either:)

          • @ Tina :

            I did not mean that she has to dress like trash to be sexy, I meant that having children does not mean that she should stopping chanelling whatever makes her feel sexy and for her, dressing like this is what works.

            Also, I never mean that dressing trashy gets women more pay or vice versa, it’s just this whole attitude of looking at a woman and saying “you are a mother and now that defines your identity and you must act differently”, that degrades her importance. I mean, just look at how many married mothers are top stars in H’wood as opposed to B’wood.

            And unfortunately, I do not agree with you on the social norms part, if everybody thought that there would be no one redefining the norms and there would be no positive change, ever.

            Also, I was in a pretty foul mood when I saw this post and regret my overtly strong comments, hope I did not offend you and if I did I am sorry.

    • Actually part of being a bollywood celeb is that you have to look super-glam all the time. And if you read PnP’s clarification above, she was going to a wedding.

      • I strongly disagree with the statement “Actually part of being a bollywood celeb is that you have to look super-glam all the time.”

        Really super-glam all the time? Who makes up these rules? Celebs do not have to look super-glam all the time. They need to dress appropriately for events. I do not want to see a super-glam celebrity at say a marathon or a charitable event unless its a ball or black tie charity event, etc. There is a time and place for everything.

        This is someone else’s wedding and a kind hearted person would not try to outshine the bride or take away attention from the bride on her special day.

        That is my opinion.

  12. Yes the outfit is tacky, there is a bling overload and the silhouette is beyond confused.

    BUT…some of the comments on this picture are even more pathetic than the outfit itself.

    First of all if you ever call a woman a ‘sl*t’ or call her outfit ‘sl*tty’ you have NO right to comment on class and elegance. Calling someone a sl*t is as trashy, classless and sexist as you can get.

    Also, a sl*t is only applicable to women who provide s** for money. Period. STOP using it as a derogatory slur, you are only insulting your own dignity and offending the female sex

    And as for people who want to know why she ‘shows flesh’ (by the way, a little respect, you are referring to a woman here not a piece of meat at a slaughterhouse) all the time, well would you ever ask a say, Vidya Balan or Hema Malini why they never (ugh) ‘show flesh’?

    It basically depends on a woman’s comfort level and how much skin she wants to show, because you know what? It’s HER body, not yours! And especially if she’s worked hard to preserve that body despite having two kids and being middle aged, I don’t see why she shouldn’t flaunt it.

    If you call the outfit tasteless or tacky I can understand, but why must you make personal attacks on the woman? Trying to gauge the personality of a person you have never met, based on the clothes they wear is the most superficial you can be!

    • Correct me if I am wrong.. but haven’t people said she “LOOKS LIKE” a slut/trashy/unclassy. Nobody said she IS one. So your comments don’t make any sense. Just as she has the right to flaunt her body, we have the right to comment on it. She is inb the public eye, she stands in frotn of the paparazzi and has her pic taken, knowing full well that millions will see it.

      P.S the fact that you said “s*” instead of sex, but used the word sex when talkin about gender made me chuckle!!

      • @ Tina: okay, I’m going to take a chill pill now, I think I reacted way too strongly to this post, sorry, I do tend to get carried away, hope I did not offend you

        @Saira: saying a woman looks like a sl*t, it’s deragatory and unnecessary (in my opinion). I just object to people using that (even as an adjective) because I think it’s offensive and insulting to a woman. Just my opinion.
        I never had any problem with people saying trashy/ unclassy but I just don’t get why people have to say sl*tty, it doesnt just offend Malaika, it offends the entire female gender

        Also since sex is a homonym I only spell it out when I mean sex as in gender, I am quite prudish that way :-)

  13. No wayy Shilpa’s was wayy better. This one has way too much going on and I especially hate the bottom. Shilpa carried it off much better and her actual outfit was just a lot nicer than this,the draping the style the fit the cut everything was better on Shilpa… and I’m not just being blinded by her wedding happiness/glow.

  14. sucks for poor Mrs. Shetty Kundra that someone wore a near identical outfit a couple of weeks after her huge wedding. lol…one would think shipa’s ridiculous outfit was exclusive only to her! malaika looks WAY better.

  15. Nope, Shilpa’s was better. It has a cleaner silhouette than Malaika’s. Also Malaika gives off this vibe of “I’m too sexy for this dress”, NOT GOOD.

  16. if u look carefully at the middle pic u can see stratch marks and i just want to ask her why she wants to make everything even a sari look way too sexy..i mean in a cheap way…she should try to look more elegant rather than sexy…its more appropriate for her age

  17. I may be in the minority here but I think she looks beautiful. I personally would not wear that dress, but she pulls it off beautifully. And hey lets face it, she is a gorgeous woman. She could wear a potato sack and make it look glamorous!


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