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Mugdha Godse

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  1. atleast diff frm da cliched n done to death white shirt-black skirt styles, by who’s who of the tinsel town , nth gr8 abt it but jus diff no nice:)

  2. well.. she is fit! and shes a model.. and she can carry this dress or what.. only wish there was some color to this dress- maybe the beads? dont know..

  3. average. nothing to write home about.
    but we have seen ppl go wrong with sticking to even the safe style and colours of black and white.

  4. It’s nice and simple.. Much better than what most people accomplish even with b/w.

    Haven’t we seen priyanka chopra wearing something similar..hmm

  5. GOSH!! I just loveee this dress. So classy yet chic and perfect for a cocktail party or an evening date or even an official event!
    I was looking for such dress but couldn’t find one D:
    But I did buy a shirt with a skirt like that and a belt from H&M to put it together. It looked great but a real dress like it, would have been so much better. :D


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