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For the Awards, both Madhoo and Kalyani picked black gowns (the latter, a Dior). While Madhoo paired a sparkly green clutch to pop against the black, Kalyani let her emerald necklace be the statement piece. Whose look are you digging more?

Madhoo Shah And Kalyani Saha Chawla At Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards 2013

Madhoo Shah (Left) And Kalyani Saha Chawla At Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Madhoo’s clutch is bad…her dress is better..BUT i guess its too tight..pop of skin suggest so !!
    Nothing worked in kalyani’s look..especially dress..nothing works in her case..dress,clutch,necklace…nothing !!

  2. Can’t believe I’m choosing Madhoo in comparison with Kalyani – but it is her!! Best Madhoo has looked in a while – understated and not fussy. Hate Kalyan’s gown -belongs in THeey! Her neck piece is very interesting though.

    BTW, just me, or has have Kalyani’s recent looks been rather meh?

  3. never thought I’d say this in a face-off between the two, but actually prefer Madhoo here. that heavy necklace with Kalyani’s assymetrical neckline is just wrong. Madhoo on the other hand looks chic and minimalistic.

  4. Madhu’s gown looks better, I also think a neck piece like Kalyani’s n some other not so ghastly clutch would have uplifted the look. Kalyani’s dress is too shiny, with the confusing silhouette giving a rather untidy look, neck up she does look nice

  5. With the majority opinion here in that I’m surprised to hear myself pick Madhoo…she looks fantastic and finally she’s in a dress that shows off her figure (which she usually seems to like) but is at the same time elegant and age appropriate
    Kalyani’s dress is awkward but i LOVE the necklace

  6. for a change Madhoo looks good. Although I would have not worn those earrings with the glittery clutch. She needs to learn how to dress down. Expected a lot more from Kalyani, the gown with the OTT neck piece and clutch? it is a mess. Dior used to a great fashion house, not anymore, their clothes are just odd, with no proportion, especially when worn by someone of average height.

  7. Madhoo for me too! Kalyani has not been doing the Dior brand any favors lately… She looks like she’s clad in black crumpled gift wrapping paper.

  8. Madhoo wins this round!
    Can’t believe that thing on Kalyani is a Dior!
    Agree with the person above who said that Kalyani’s recent appearances have been a downer .. she used to be SOOOOO good…
    Maybe, it’s got to do with Dior .. nothing from Dior looks couture ever since Galliano has been ousted !!!


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