Sweating The Small Stuff

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A velour sweatsuit for a preview at a store? No. And adding make-up, jewelry and a BV bag to the look doesn’t make it okay either. No. No.

Madhoo Shah At Atosa’s Spring Summer Collection Preview

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • says who?! Sorry beg to differ…Sweatsuits can be worn outside home…no rules in here coz it’s just so comfortable for your everyday running around!!
      Sure, Madhoo looks a bit weird here with all the makeup, sandals and jewelry intact :p

  1. LOL! If I was her, I’d be totally embarrassed if I saw how underdressed I was compared to the rest of the invitees. Just leave those big sunglasses on, and walk right back out… “oh yeaa, its the store across the street, I always forget…”


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