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As charming as she is, Madhoo would have done sooo much better if it wasn’t for the ungainly bunching/puffing up of her what seems like organza top thanks to that sash/belt.


Madhoo At ‘Fuel’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Not a fan of the top or the skirt. Not sure why Madhoo looks so tired and worn out nowadays. Her face doesn’t look alive and have that spunk. The whole outfit just looks like a mismatch and doesn’t come together.

  2. o dear god…n they find madhu charmin…r u the same ppl who 90 percent of the time are after priyanka chopra no matter she werars…n call this montrosity an almost…?

  3. tell me why would someone stitch a pillow sham into a top first of all? I cant even imagine how it would look without the belt, looks like the belt was supposed to be worn higher, where the ‘pillow sham’ ends :) but Madhu’s has slipped down.

    Its making her look so top heavy that her legs are looking weird, almost like chicken legs.

  4. accessories, shoes, everything was well matched, maybe the top needed pulling down a bit, it is a pity that the photographers dont help make a pretty picture

  5. Nee….
    I dint like this overly baggy top though color is good & from shoulders,bust its good….Her legsss….are just 2 sticks..omg.
    Upper portion and lower portion seems mismatch.Wtih this top ,she should have covered legs.


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