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If you’ve followed this space long enough, you know this appearance of Ms. Sengupta’s is nothing short of a minor miracle. Sure the look has plenty of room for improvement but if this isn’t an Upgrade, what is?

Rituparna Sengupta At The Expendables Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks bad so not sure what part of this look is really an upgrade from her past appearances. She like many others needs to get a stylist of many sorts – asap. Maybe she can hire one of us from this board ;-)

    • Yes, yes, the variety of skills we possess across the board is enough to start a “celeb rehab” right here, right now!
      I’d personally like to get my hands on few heads and tubes of hair colour! :)

  2. people like this really make me wonder why they’re even ‘celebrity status’ to begin with. I made the mistake long ago to watch a movie she was in. Oh dear. wasted 2/5 hours of my life that day and now on this blog, here she is again, not worthy!!!!

  3. Haha, “Princess”, this actually looks like a Very Good Hair Day for Rituparna, you should see her on TV with her hair standing on end. Hahaha

  4. hehehehe….minor miracle!!! ROFL…i know what you mean….baby steps, getting there some day. :) You guys are brutal and I love it :D


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