Gowning Glory

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No sari this time for Ms. Hurley, she instead opted for a gown in a beautiful blue-green color for a recent event in Mumbai. Am in love with the color of this Cavalli gown; looks great on her.

P.S: Does anyone else think Liz needs to have bit of a chat with her (hair) colorist?


Liz Hurley At Royal Rajasthan Gala Dinner

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. WOW! Liz has a body, and attitude, for gowns, doesn’t she!
    Though yes,a bit of a chat with her hair colorist is overdue. This shade washes her out and ages her.

  2. This is so fabulous, it makes up for the previous sari disaster. A better fitting bra and darker hair color would have made this perfect though

  3. the only thing I like about this look is the color of the gown, it is too long and the neck line too open. I wear plenty of strap less gowns, but I think it is rude, insensitive and vulgar to wear a gown like this to a cultural event, I would have had no problem with anyone wearing this to the oscars or a party, but not a cultural event. She has no clue on how to dress appropriately.

  4. Oh she looks great…but I just haven’t gotten over her sheer sari appearance..also I don’t think I am ever getting over it…She has a fabulous body and as wonderful as that maybe..it was so not needed..to go without a blouse…one of those strange things people do…

  5. For some reason nobody thinks she’s trashy… despite the trashy hair and much much cleavage and eye shadow… how does she pull that off, i wonder?!

  6. idk, i feel like her boobs are a bit too in your face. as for the dress itself, it is for sure a nice color. but it just does not exude the class that you would expect of a cavalli.

    her face looks pretty though, and i don’t think the hair’s that bad. we’ve seen way worse on this site.

  7. Damn!
    Elizabeth Hurley, will you ever not be hot?

    I don’t really like the gown, or the hoop earrings, but she looks gooooooooood.

  8. she looks amazing and that RC gown is soooo pretty……. she should go darker on the hair color……. like Mayuri said, they current color is making her look a wee bit old.

  9. GUYYSSS. That’s the colour my hair is now, after MUCH work getting to restore it from a darker dye…way to kill the happiness!

    re liz – she’s beautiful and we get you have a nice figure and all, but god woman, if i were falling out of my dress that much i’d be mortified! put it away!


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