Ladies Night

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Not one to let things get to her, Ms Ray stepped out looking wonderful in a lilac dress.

As for Ms. Saran, she stayed true to her aesthetic by picking a very tacky sari to begin with and then made worse by that draping. Was pinning the pallu to show the blouse really necessary? Channeling Priyanka, were we?

Ms. Biswas rakes in major points not for the sari but for wearing hers much better!

P.S: We wish Ms. Ray well. Her recent news left us shocked.


Shriya Saran and Lisa Ray at ‘Cooking With Stella’ Screening
Toronto International Film Festival


Seema Biswas at ‘Cooking With Stella’ Screening
Toronto International Film Festival


Seema Biswas, Shriya Saran, Lisa Ray at ‘Cooking With Stella’ Screening
Toronto International Film Festival

Photo Credit: WireImage

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  1. Wishing Lisa Ray a speedy recovery. She is courageous to be there despite the devastating illness.

    Shirya, how wrong can you go.

    Seema Biswas is okay, she looks nice in the picture where she is walking.

  2. Aww God Bless Lisa Ray…Kudos to her for coming out to her event like that. I wish her all the best in this very tough battle ahead. She is a beautiful person inside and out- I had the pleasure of meeting her last year; she is truly the epitome of bravery!!

  3. Lisa looks great!
    Seema looks good because the sari is draped nicely and you can hardly go wrong with black.
    Shirya on the other hand is WHOA! Tacky sari and one boob hanging .. she needs a stylist!!

  4. may she gets well soon! lisa is so brave and looks absolutely gorgeous..seema biswas too looks amazing …shriya saran…speechless and not in a good wat

  5. I too was totally shocked at Lisa Ray’s news!!
    Its brave of her and all the best to her for the tough battle.

    But Shriya Saran .. OMG .. she’s a totally different story…she makes me wonder if she can EVER , EVER get it right!!!
    A case of irrevocable damage to fashion sense and permanent disability to do classy!! Like really!!

  6. OMG, did not know abt Lisa’s illness. Hope she comes out of it. She looks lovely here.

    Shriya is a disater & such a tacky drape. The tackiest I’ve seen so far.

  7. Umm… Yes, the one boob hanging out is kinda douchey. But the sari itself is beautiful and shreya is – face it- pretty gorgeous. Anywho, shreya to ,is the megan fox of bollywood. Constantly, saying stupid things, non existent acting skills, tacky clothes and serious addictions to pornstar posing. Nevertheless, both are smoking hot.

  8. Lisa just chokes me up with emotion – love you Lisa. Get well soon, you look just AMAZING!

    Shriya, long ways to go….

    Seema Biswas just takes it away here – what a stunner she has become!

  9. Lisa is such an awesome person. Read her interview, she’s like..the definition of ‘down-to-earth’. I really hope with all my heart she gets well soon and leads a healthy and happy life! :) Here she looks like a totaly different person. But her unflinching confidence works it for her.

  10. It’s really sad about Lisa and she does look the best here. But at the risk of being the bitch, I don’t really like the way she’s standing in the first 2 pics. Her knees are very visible and ideally one shouldn’t be wearing such dresses and standing with our legs wide apart!
    Just a thot..don’t hate me :)


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