LFW Spring 09: When Celebrities Take To The Runway

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Priyanka Chopra On Narendra Kumar Runway
Sonam Kapoor On Tarun Tahiliani For Levis Runway

Mugdha Godse On Narendra Kumar Runway
Kangana Ranaut On Narendra Kumar Runway

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I suppose weird purple legs are part of Nari Ahmed’s look? Love Sonam, again she seems to be having fun — love the cheekiness of her bare feet!

  2. kangna and mughda look AWFULLL!!!!….aaiiikkkeesss….
    i saw the video where sonam walkd the ramp n it ws so much fun…shes sooo chic and full of life…although the outfit is ahem blahh

  3. hi pia i think youve posted your comment in the wrong place.. i think she means the gown kat wore on the femina cover. i agree with you, but katrina is stunning.. and you guys are right sonam is the best the priyanka and then the other two

  4. mughda’s green dress reminds me of the ice blue jenny packam dress Kartrina wore for a song in the movie Race. Sonam looks nice, but her jeans are terrible.

  5. I think celebrities should not be on the runway. They just lack the height to be there, save one or two. Shilpa or Tabu could rock this, but these other girls are just too short. Problem with most Indian women in general.
    (but of course we are awesome otherwise ;) )

  6. The sticking factor in this post for me is legs!

    Priyanka: healthy, toned legs.
    Sonam: never-ending legs.
    Mughda: typical model legs.
    Kangana: pasty legs.

    Among the clothes, I like the cut and colour Priyanka’s dress and the design of Kangana’s dress.

  7. @Ritu: But all thse girls are quite tall! Sonam is almost 5 10, Priyanka is like 5 8, I believe Kangana is also very tall. These days barring a few girls all of them are so so tall!!

  8. Love Sonam she looks extremely stylish. The others look great too but Sonam is amazing because she manages to really get into a look and look different each time. I think I’ll stop gushing now…

  9. gals, if u want to get into a discussion abt how tall these gals are then don’t go by what you read on their so called bios online…they’re never right! i have met priyanka several times and she is the same height as me…now i’m 5’6 so not sure how she can be 5’8???

  10. i just watched Sonam’s video and she looks so so comfortable.. and able to pull not-so-great outfit so well.. she looks amazing on the ramp, and again a different look.. rest of them – nothing special..


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