LFW Autumn 09: Manish Malhotra

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Manish Malhotra is no doubt a good designer but is one who is terribly over-exposed and that quite doesn’t work in his favor! It is evident he has learnt what works and likes to marginally tweak it every now and then, never wandering too far away from his comfort zone. And that works for his core demographic so why not. Fair enough. Except there just is no element of surprise any more. Do you blame us for not being wow’ed? Like at all?

P.S: If the second row, extreme right sari looks very familiar, thats because it is very reminiscent of THIS!





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  1. Hasn’t Kareena worn this black n red saree before? I remember her wearing smthing very similar (esp the magenta layering on the pallu). I am talking about the pic on the extreme right of the second set of pics (the black n red saree)

  2. why does he even bother showing? He definitely doesnt need the sales or visiblity..he has that in ample.

    He just takes nine yards, colour some of them pastel, throws a happy shiny things and calls its a day.

  3. Also like someone mentioned on HHC earlier, he does some good work in films, wish that showed otherwise too. Remember his stuff in veer zara for priety zinta?

  4. i might be going a little off topic.. but i saw genelia on tv walking the ramp.. and i must say that somethings are better left to the models.. she looks lovely but the poise was just missing…
    back to the topic.. i agree entirely.. i llike his work.. but i wish to see something radical!

  5. The last 2 pics- white and pale pink with shiny linings…reminds me of Anushka’s dress she wore for some event and Deepika’s saree from some award show.

  6. I love the last one. Very Kanchivram meets Kerala.

    @Payal: Shilpa could have used this blue lehenga (seen on Genelia) for her team- Halla Bol? :)

  7. DROOOOOL OMG I want that red and black sari!

    Everything looks a bit too commercial though, he needs to take some chances and do something different

  8. i dont understand why he does that! if his sarees have already been worn before (by kareena), then why show them again? such a waste of ramp space! he needs to stop giving kareena so much importance..its getting a little ridiculous. he treats her like royalty!

  9. i think his creations work better on bollywood babes than models. like exactly three but even they rnt rave worthy.

    i must say i loved wat he did to our hindi cinema actors.


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