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‘Carrie’ In SATC Movie

There are floral accents that are so intentionally crazy, OTT and loud that you can’t help but sit back, roll your eyes and write it off as yet another whimsical eccentricity of one of your favorite characters. And then there are floral accents that should have never made their way onto the clothes they were spotted on (not that these outfits are anything to go by in the first place)…

Kashmira Shah
Shruti Seth

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  1. I dont know why but I really do like that dress on SJP….but only her…..cannot imagine any other star in the wole wild world looking half as good….or may Gwenyth Paltrow would….
    Also, whenever I see her it breaks my heart when I realize that there is no ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ actually….somehow I cannot bring myself to agree with this fact…

  2. Kashmira Shah’s dress is a mess. The proportions are all wrong.. and lets not even talk about the length.. or the cut for that matter.. and very tacky construction.

    On the other hand i quite like Sarah Jessica Parker.. or the way she carries it off makes it look surprisingly chic.

    Shruti Seth’s top isnt all that bad. Saw something similar in white at Neiman Marcus last season.. sans the corsage.

  3. I like shruti’s top.

    On a side note… WHY WHY WHY, can ANYONE explain to me whyyyy Carrie is always doing the tongue dart action like in that picture?? It’s sooo gross when she does that in like every episode!! Is she trying to look sexy or something??

  4. Love SJP’s outfit. And Priti, same here. I cannot believe there is no Carrie Bradshaw or for tht matter Samantha Jones!

  5. oh there is one and only one SJP and Carrie Bradshaw! NO ONE but her can pull of those normally-speaking-ridiculous-looking flowers!

  6. This post has nothing to do with the topic …Haha…I just got a PJ to share…P & P hope u don’t mind…

    What would this website be called if the admins reallyyyyy liked legs…?

    Thighheelconfidential !!! heeeheee…:P :P

  7. Very true
    NO ONE can wear clothes like Carrie Bradshaw does…I’ve always thought that SJP looked more comfortable as Carrie than she did in real life :D
    Personally I think both Shruti and Kashmira look horrible (thier flowers are very awkardly placed :/ …it makes their waists looks bigger)

  8. Wonder when the Bollywood crowd will get hooked on gladiator heels…. :) Can you imagine that done wrongly? Oh things are gonna get messy!!!

  9. Carrie looks awesome!
    Kashmira….i…man i got nothing to say!

    and Shruti…i saw another pic of her at the Aamir Premiere, and i couldnt see er flower, so i thought she looked nice-ish. If she just got rid of the flower, it’s be ok.

  10. Carrie looks great-love the dress-even that flower but only on Carrie,the styling,the movie:)
    Kashmira is wearing a nightmare and Shruti ll look okay sans the flower.

  11. as one of the new critics put the sex and the city which is exactly what i think..

    “orgy of designers and brand names” movies is more geared to influence ppl to buy designer label than actually thing.


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