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We loved this Christian Dior dress on Lara, but who do you like this dress best on?


Left: Lara Dutta on Grazia India
Right: Shruti Agarwal and Monikangana Dutta at Kingfisher Calendar Launch


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  1. why would the 2 models wear the same dress to the same event! confuses me! or is it that kalyani chawla was being quite generous then ;)
    i prefer it on lara…with the others.. the dress seems to be wearing them..

  2. I imagine the dress to look gorgeous on tall and broad shouldered women in the west but definitely not on slim narrow shouldered models in south asia

  3. Only Lara.
    But not really sure how good it looks on her either because there’s no full length picture. Unable to tell how well it suits her.

  4. ugly dress, looks like someone has ripped off the opulent valence and draped it over a curtain rod to pass off as couture. on lara sitting down, it looks great, cos she is wearing it well.

  5. Oooh you guys are critical! I thought the dress looks sublime on the white-dress-girl. And it was a tough choice because the wine colour is quite nice.
    So my picks are Lara, who really became Ms. Universe (or was it World?) for a reason, and white-dress-girl who really works the dress with those shoes :)

  6. Lara’s the only one who hasn’t been swallowed by the dress. Something about Monikangana’s trumps Shruti’s, but I don’t know what? Is it cause she pulled the dress down past her shoulders to make it look more delicate? I can’t put my finger on it?


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