In Black And White

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Lara Dutta as usual looks great (minus the floral accented shoes)!! On the other hand, wish Mansi Scott went with different shoes and that her dress didn’t have that beaded netted thing along the neckline and sleeves…

lara-dutta-fiat-500-black-dress1.jpg mansi-scot-fiat-500-white-dress1.jpg

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  1. Lara has impeccable style! The shoes actually look great.

    I dont get why you’ve put Mansi Scott’s pic next to Lara’s for comparison?!? Well, there’s none!

  2. If Lara wants to give away her shoes after reading your opinion, i’d happily take them :-)

    I like them. Love her look from head to toe.

    Don’t like Manasi’s at all!

  3. lara looks great with her new bangs and toned body. the shoes look nice and go with the overall look. she looks like she should be sitting on a porche instead of a fiat.

  4. I really like Lara Dutta. She always appears to graceful, intelligent and stylish(without trying too hard)….and very beautiful too…ofcourse! Her black ensemble looks effortless in my opinion.

  5. hi im from fiat..that was my show..the italians chose manasi’s dress and she carried it off very well..lara was just posing for some extrA PUBLICITY…manasi is stunning and talnted really


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