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She made a dowdy maxi work but even all of Lara’s mad skills couldn’t save this one. Dowdy to the end paired with an even uglier LV Monogram Eclipse Alma bag. What a downer.


Lara Dutta at Aki Narula for Puma Collection Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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      • i agree… she’s able to pull it off…
        wud hv given a miss to the LV tho. its a monstrosity.
        infact replace those pointy boots with a pair of ugg boots and this look wud be fabulous!

  1. Th tunic on its own is decent-would have worn it very differently, without the boots-some pop of clour with shoes/pumps and the bag. In the second photo, her pose is very awkard

  2. Payal and Priyanka, why do you hate pointed shoes so much???
    I think this look is great. I actually love what she is wearing-love the boots, the bag is sumptuous , the slacks are flattering and of course the leather jacket is to do for. A true investment piece.

  3. Ok. You don’t wear thing like that and them pose like that to a place where there’s going to be cameras. You wear most of that to the grocery store or yoga class.
    Except those boots, you don’t wear those anywhere.

  4. I love the leather jacket, YUM!! I think the look is fab, the only downsides are the boots and bag. I will never understand the hype or appeal of LV bags. They all look extremely tacky, like something you’d get off a market stall. If the boots were substituted for round toed black ankle boots she would have looked casual yet sexy.

  5. Aaaargh!! – its really bad. After a long long time I will have to say that Lara’s outfit is laughable and even she could not salvage it.

  6. i actually like the outfit.. minus the shoes. Pointy stiletto’s are so out of season!! a round toed tan or brown pair of boots would have gone great. This style would fit right in in london or in my hometown leeds!!

  7. Don’t tell me she was in Mumabi with that kind of an outfit!! :?
    Anyhow, I think she could have worked this outfit if she ditched that brown leather jacket… instead she could have worn light flowy sweater/cover-up…this would in fact given her a very casual look!!
    In US this look is usually considered very tacky…:/


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