Lakshmi On Elle: (Un)Covered

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The November issue of Elle has a very sultry Lakshmi Menon (Yep! It is a model! Finally!) wearing a Gaurav Gupta jacket.

Love the dark mood of this cover. A lot.


Lakshmi Menon On Elle India November


Guarav Gupta, Fall 2008

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  1. Wowie! What a change! Love this model and her look here in the cover. And for some reason i’m intrigued by the contrast between her urbane look and an absolutely traditional name.. like Padma Lakshmi..

  2. The model has a very pained expression and the outfit can at best be called a a 90s style ruffled sleeve shirt that got confused and ended up as a dress!
    Can’t for the life of me understand what’s so great in this.

  3. beautiful? r u serious.. just because she is skinny and tall does not mean she is pretty.. some with same face but less than average height would have not have been considered pretty in this modern society… i hate the double standards

  4. Lakshmi Menon is completely the most gorgeous model in India. Beautiful bones, super attitude… with photographer Prabuddha Das Gupta she’s magic. I’m yet to see a bad pic of her…

  5. I love her, its a very dark brooding cover and she fits it beautifully. Nice for them to put a model and not an actress or starlet on the cover…

  6. she looks so stunning!

    @deewani: i think you need to google lakshmi menon to see how stunning she is! maybe this picture is not working for you. this lady is a ‘real model’! and i love how she didnt jump into the film industry wagon like the rest of the world!

  7. i loved lakshmi in the magazine ads she did for anmol jewellers but i think she looks a bit severe here. she’s also been featured in hermes ads.

  8. She certainly has an interesting face. Not the cookie-cutter bollywood looks and thats what makes this cover edgy and interesting. Her face looks angular and almost masculine, which works extremely well with the mood of the cover. I certainly dont want to see a cherubic/angelic face with pink lipstick and doe-eyes on a cover like this…
    I think she rocks this cover!!


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