In Swatee Singh

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At an event in Hyderabad, Lakshmi was seen in a white Swatee Singh maxi, one that she wore with jewellery from Violante and a Chanel clutch. One to have more misses than hits, we think this one belonged in the latter category.


Lakshmi Manchu at an Event in Hyderabad

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  1. Love the pattern on the edge, but something’s wrong with the fitting on the bust, her padded bra makes her look lumpy and bulgy, unless thats the “look” she was going for :p

  2. Trust her to find the tackiest of clothes & accessories whatever designer it maybe. And head band like really? LOL. But yes compared to the all the earlier looks at least this doesn’t look that fugly.

  3. This dress feels incomplete. Missing something- either a necklace or a belt.
    Never been a fan of her choices in attire- neither Indian nor western. In serious need of a good stylist.


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