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For their respective events both these ladies picked blue saris with Lakshmi picking a shimmery Satya Paul and Pinky, a Tarun Tahiliani.

The sari itself may not be our cup of tea but Ms. Manchu sure looked nice. As did Ms. Reddy, minus her choice of blouse; that net/mesh panel on it was downer!

Lakshmi Manchu In Satya Paul At Satya 2 Music Launch And Pinky Reddy In Tarun Tahiliani At The Designer's Presentation

Left: Lakshmi Manchu At Satya 2 Music Launch
Right: Pinky Reddy At Tarun Tahiliani’s Presentation

Photo Credit: Idlebrain, Ragalahari

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  1. Oh Lakshmi! Much better than recent appearances. I don’t want people to think i’m always picking, but i think a contrast blouse would have looked better with that shimmery satya paul. Nevertheless it looks nice.

    As for the Tarun Tahiliani, as soon as i laid eyes on it, my head started playing ‘a whole new world’ …. so Magic Carpet nah?

  2. Both are Wtheys. These women have the tackiest of styles. Never understand why you have to be so kind to these women. lol. Well, i think i may know why but will refrain from commenting, i don’t want my comment to be moderated. :P

  3. Lakshmi Manchu looks nice here – I like that she left her neck and arms uncluttered.

    Don’t like Pinky Reddy’s sari though…the tassels are such a downer.


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