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It was a blue Shilpa Reddy sari for Lakshmi at the South Filmfare awards that took place in Hyderabad on Sat night. Not a fan of the color, but Lakshmi sure wore hers well. Only wish she had styled her hair better. Do not like the way the bangs fall on her and definitely not digging the red highlight.

Update: It wasn’t a Payal Singhal.

Lakshmi Manchu at 58th Idea Filmfare Awards South 2011

Photo Credit: IdleBrain

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  1. r u guys sure its payal singhals creation..on her show her guest shilpa reddy wore the same saree in a different color and the designer was shilpa reddy herself

  2. Yes this sari is by Shilpa Reddy. In ‘Prematho mee Lakshmi” talk show Shilpa Reddy wore a red version of the same sari and she told that she designed it.

  3. ayyo, why does she have to have one bad thing at least always, how beautiful her sari looks, I don’t have any complaints with the pink highlights, but the hair itself looks so much – sigh, what to say??

  4. Also to add Singer Suneetha wore an almost ditto in red and silver… and she looked good too….. Also looking great was Actor Chiranjeevi – PnP, are you partial to women? :P


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