Fab Or Drab?

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We say ‘Fab’. She certainly wears the look well… If only she didn’t have a thing for monogrammed monstrosities!


Mansi Scott

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i agree that the monogram LV is way too much with the striped pants. maybe if the pants were solid…

    LV bags are probably the only monogram bags i can say are cute & classic, esp when worn casually… always love seeing little old ladies with their vintage LVs… but Mansi’s instantly makes her outfit look like there is too much going on!

  2. I dont think those pants go well with her top. I dont dislike her top all that much though I probably would not have worn it myself. I think she manages to look atleast half-way decent in that top which could have easily been a disaster.Dont like the bag ocourse!
    But I also think that this gal looks good with short hair!

  3. Not liking it at all :( It’s Drab for me. The top and bottom look ill-matched and the sheer too big for her top all bunched up with the belt and with the black underneath is just not doing it. Maybe it’s a particular style, but didn’t create a fab feeling in my mind when I looked at her. Everything just looks “uncomfortable”.

  4. i think she should be on the ramp…she’s fab whoever she is…that singer and Zoom host right??? but she’s cut her hair so not sure…looooooove the look..best part abt fashion week i must say

  5. pinkperson…she is too short and not thin enough to be on the ramp, you need to be a minimum of 5 feet 8 and a size 4 – which it is clearly evident she is not…

  6. totally agree with you adit! maybe if she wore dark skinny jeans.. and with such a floaty top one has to carry a clutch..
    9 out of 10 times she dresses really really wierd. and pinkperson if she is the best part about fashion week then god help our fashion!!


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