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A gorgeous Konkona walked for Amrapali at the ongoing IIJW

That’s a lot of jewelry on her, and it takes more than a moment or two for it to all register. Good thing the sari was basic and simple, making for a perfect foil for all that jewelry.

Konkona Sen Sharma For Amrapali, India International Jewelry Week 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks gorgeous. Nice to see her in a fashion show. Good choice Amrapali, very unexpected. The big hair piece is too much though, otherwise it would have been quite perfect.

    • Yeah, great choice by Amrapali.
      I don’t really mind the too-much jewelry considering that she was showcasing the pieces…individually they are all muchos fabuloso.

  2. She looks very beautiful but the sari and the jewelry don’t gel together, sari has a very khadi, earthy feel to it and the jewelry is very royal “jodha-akbar” like. The idea of wearing something understated to highlight the jewelry is not executed properly.

  3. Truly, madly, deeply in love with her outfit! How awesome. The saree with just that big necklace and no other jewellery would be a perfect look if it had to be worn anywhere else but a jewellery show.

  4. Gorgeoyus.. would have been perfect without the Jhoomar though each piece of jewellery is awesome. Love, love the saree.. shes looking great

  5. The colour combination (and just that alone) reminds me of what deepika wore on the runway in this indian intl jewelery week.

    Its a bit too much of jewelery concentrated in a small area between head and neck ( i mean, if one piece was removed from the neck to the waist for example, it would have been easier on the eye).

    But i like the look in general

  6. She looks dazzling… as does the jewelry. The jhoomar is pretty, but I feel like it was haphazardly put on… or not showcased properly. Something’s off?

  7. Except for the long neckpiece, I like nothing. Konkona is gorgeous in a dusky-real-Indian-woman way and such a refreshing change from the usual Bolly barbies, but even she cant salvage this overload of jewellery. The armlet in particular is unflattering.

  8. What a gorgeous and talented woman. I love the fact that she wore a relatively simple saree to enhance the look of the jewelry. Her make up looks flawless and that shy smile…aah..so cute.

  9. O-MY-Frikkin-WOW! I L-L-LOVE Konkona in this!!!
    she is totally pulling off all that bling and ain’t shy about it!
    she looks amazing and i love the way they tied the sari on her.
    that got me all worked up and ghetto-fied! LOL!!


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