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We’ve mentioned before how much we dig the yellow-grey combo but this gown on Koena is bit of a let-down. The grey draped sash at the waist seems like such an after-thought.

P.S: We think the dress is either an Archana Kochchar or Rajat Tangri, will update once we have a positive ID.



Koena Mitra At I Am She Contest

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. wohoo..she looksss soo beautiful…….she never looked soo good…i hate t say but she is looking much btter dan sushmita(wont even count neha dhupia:P)

  2. actually, i really liked the grey sash draped around the waist.the fact that i don’t like her for her plasticky look sis a whooole other story. if the gown had been styled a little more casually, it would’ve been killer!!!

  3. HEY!!!! cud you girls PLEEEAAASSEEE help me ???? I jus saw the RAJESH PRATAP SINGH f/w 10 show on ndtv good times and i REALLLY wanna know the music used for the show….do you happen to know wot it is??? if not could you please ask the readers through a post??? pleasee :(

  4. I actually like the gown a lot, she looks great. i dont mind afterthoughts that much, whats wrong with them, a lot of good things in life happen because of afterthoughts :)

    I wonder if the grey piece starts from the right shoulder to the left waist line all the way on the back. Its kinda cool, love the combination like you said.

  5. The hair looks like a wig first of all (and a wig that is not stuck properly). Second, not digging the random bits of grey, I like yellow and grey though. Third, this where i become rude and say “I like a girl with a little meat on her bones… she looks too petite and skinny to fill that dress.”

  6. Yellow is her color no doubt…
    i am nt fan of Koena mitra but her face looks good here.
    But she is awkwardly skinny….


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