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Spotted a striped Raw Mango sari on Kiran recently, one which she paired with a long-sleeved blouse and a chunky necklace. Sure the drape isn’t all that but, but despite it Kiran did look nice. Love that sari!

kiran rao photographed in raw mango sari

Kiran Rao

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She could not look more awkward than this.
    The lime green color is refreshing but it still doesn’t make up for how horrible the overall look is.

  2. I love Kiran’s charm but something about this look is not coming together. The Sari seems very heavy on her. Ii wish she would have paired it up with a sleeveless blouse, and had the sari draped more neatly.

  3. I like this look. There’s something endearingly quirky about pairing a lemon green saree with a full sleeve top. “Very Kiran”, I’d say. That smile is enough to carry any outfit- so genuine, so cute! :)

  4. There’s quirk and then there’s this
    She looks like a kid who draped mamas sari on top of the shirt she was already wearing
    Totally kills any beauty of the sari
    Kiran can’t always get a pass in the name of being quirky

  5. The sari’s added maha volume to the slim Kiran. And if it wasn’t Raw Mango, there’s nothing special about it except that it’s a nice color.

  6. As much as i’ve started liking her after the coffee with karan episode… even if i don’t want to say it this is -très terrible

  7. Had this sari been worn by Amisha or anyone else , you guys would have labelled it W’hey !!! This is a pretty dang BAD look from the word go …


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