In Bodice

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Wearing a Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva dress, Kiran attended a recent movie screening. With her necklace, she added a bit of color to the sheer paneled dress, and the oxfords finished out the look perfectly. She looked great!

Additional pictures inside.

Kiran Rao In Bodice At 'Queen' Screening-1

Far Left: Bodice By Ruchika Sachdeva
Centre, Right: Kiran Rao At Queen Screening

Kiran Rao In Bodice At 'Queen' Screening-2

Kiran Rao At Queen Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Thsi outfit looks like a hospital gown. The only reason she looks good is her loavble smile. She has a bright cheery air about her, which in turn translates to her outfits. Otherwise many of the outfits are hardly fashionable

  2. eewww.. they look like hospital clothes and that necklace is weird… thumbs down… being fashionably quirky is one thing but she looks like a clown in this one

  3. This is just embarrassing. In what universe can this even be called fashion? Does this even belong on a fashion blog?

    This site seems to favor certain personalities, and no matter what they wear, it’s all praise for them. The celebrities disliked by the moderators can do no right . A true fashion blog should be able to separate the persona from the fashion they are showcasing.

    I love the talented Kiran Rao and what she does professionally. However, what she is wearing here doesn’t even constitute outerwear for a celebrity, leave alone “fashion”. Kiran is wearing what is described on the streets of Mumbai as a “housecoat”…….. what one wears when doing work around the house.

    There is a lot of bias on this site vis a vis the the moderators/writers P & P. Would be nice to see some objectivity.

  4. Please do keep featuring her. Perhaps not Vidya Balan instead. Kiran has a consistent, quirky, avant garde style. I would not wear this outfit and yes, its totally legit to make fun of it as a lungi fabric. The way I make fun of Nishka Lulla. But she carries it with elan, the choice of accessory reveals a great eye for fashion. The silhouette is fresh. I would describe her style as jholawali luxe! Good for her!
    PS: your audience seems to have changed somewhat, but you should not – xoxo


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