The Right Way. And Not?

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We liked Gauri’s look (minus the belt) but Anna’s on the other hand, just didn’t work for us! In a shapeless black lace dress, that came with a matching shrug at that, her look just fell short… The scarlet nail-paint and over doing the yellow accessories bit didn’t help her cause either!

Gauri Khan
Anna Singh

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  1. P&P – thats’s Anna and not Arti (in your comments). I guess you were referring to Arti Surendranath in the “red drama” picture.
    Anywho – can anyone even guess that Anna Singh is a designer by just looking at the mish-mash of styles she is wearing!!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of Gauri’s style here. You shouldn’t wear neon yellow heels with a satin black dress… it just doesn’t go. Perhaps a different shade of yellow, or alternately a different cloth material for her outfit would give a better finished look.

  3. personally I LOOOOOVE the dress with the yellow shoes
    BUT the belt does kill it
    and is anna the one who is Vouge editor, or am I wrong? (becasue she doens’t look like it)
    maybe I am getting confused with Anna Wintor

  4. Oh
    hehehehehe…yeah I noticed that after I saw the other posts
    I feel stupid
    I saw the name Anna, thought Anna Wintour and thought Vouge.
    I apologize because I am not Indian nor have I ever been to India (= I’m Sri Lankan and haven’t been THERE since I was 6) sooooooo…I’ve been learning a lot about Indian designers from this website :)
    Thank You!

  5. i am ok with the belt actually.. and lets leave anna singh alone.. shes a lil old for all of this, but then shes a designer too! so.. .hmmm

  6. is anna singh REALLY talented?

    because i have never seen anything decent on her…i dont memba what styles she’s made…but i’m guessin if they’re any good, maybe she’s passing off an assitant’s work as her own?

  7. Like gauri’s dress…..hate her face. Can she not for once look simple and fresh. Her face always looks tired and worn out…..

  8. Also, I have never seen gauri khan in a dignified, elegant indian dress/saree…….She should try it, because thats the only thing that would mellow down that pouty face

  9. I think its unfair to compare two women with such completely different figures and styles. Gauri is obviously channeling her inner eurotrash/socialite/it girl/wag look and although I like the shoes I hate her belt. Also compare these pics to that vogue shoot and you see a totally different woman – oh the wonders of photoshop.

    As for the other woman – I can’t comment on the outfit – but her shoes are lovely and considering she has such slim shapely legs maybe she should have made the most of them.

  10. I think there r very few ppl who can carry that black and yellow combination.. anf she has pulled it off very well.. i luv d look… it doesnt always hv 2 b a fitted a line look.. to experiment is always a designer s thing…!!

  11. Kajal/Anoli/Akanksha:
    As far as your comment not making it here, thats easy… when a comment comes in, it comes with its corresponding IP address but often times some users to make their point far more ‘impactful’ might make the same comment in different words with different user names but their IP addresses remain the same…so we know its the same person!

    Usually we let that pass, coz it might be a public computer or in general harmless but when the comments get vindictive or too self-promoting, or use forceful language to make their point then we step in and only approve one or two comments and not the rest.


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