Well Suited?

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Wearing a white Isabel Marant suit with an Alrxander Wang crop top, Katrina spoke at one of the sessions at a Luxury Conference.

After her foray at trying something dramatic, she was back to her “let’s keep it simple” mantra. There was a certain swag about the look that I really liked.

Were you a fan as well?


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  1. either the blazer or the pant had to be a tight fit…if both are this ill fitting, it’s not swag but more like one size mistakenly ordered up!

  2. Pants seem ilfitted. But I like her so much more in her simple hair . The shape of her face , doesn’t allow for much hair experimentation. It is not a crime , and she should be allowed to just be. , as opposed to looking funny Uncomfortable and trying too hard.

  3. Nice suit but at her level it is UNACCEPTABLE to wear uncreased ill-fitting pants ..even baggy pants on a suit should NEVER be creased up ruins the look entirely!!

  4. I love the relaxed fit of this suit…it just looks so comfortable yet doesn’t compromise on style. love this look head to toe…


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