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Staying very within her safe zone was Katrina in a yellow Halston Heritage dress at a Sony event today with nude Loubs finishing out her look. Even though she has on a cheery color, I am just not feeling excited about the look.


Left: Katrina Kaif at Sony Xperia Z1 Launch
Right: Halston Heritage Dress ( Buy )

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. i hate to say this but when she had arrived in industry, she seemed positive and upbeat but now comes across as someone in perpetual funk (to me that is ;)). very Debbie Downer and same goes for her dressing sense.

  2. the dress is a nice, summery color and katrina looks pretty but it’s a very safe and boring choice. i hate that katrina never experiments with her style.

  3. She knows her formula and is sticking to it! I very much doubt we’ll ever see her experiment like Kangna / Neha / Sameera / Sonam. (Outside of editorial shoots)

    Playing it safe? Yes. But she’s probably thinking if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

    I actually think she could pull off being a lot more edgier but anyway.

  4. Katrina has a clean cut, safe style, she does not take risks even in her career and looking pretty is her sole USP…she delivers on that so accept her for what she is P&P

  5. agreed she doesn’t take risks when it comes to clothes, but what i love most about her is her simplicity. whether it be her clothes or her personality.

  6. This is a case in point of what I keep harping about. Women in their mid-30s wearing such short dresses. Try as you may, the knee area just looks very unattractive. As pretty as Katrina looks overall here, even she can’t help those saggy aging knees.

    • So you mean to say most models including Indian super models should retire or not wear short clothes on the ramp? Because it seems like most are in their thirties starting from Carol Gracias. HA! I couldn’t help but check all their knees in that Tommy Hilfiger post. :D


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