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Katrina attended the opening night of the 2015 MAMI Mumbai Film Festival wearing Anamika Khanna. You’ll remember Jacqueline wearing a cream variation of the look at IIFAs this year.

Putting aside my jealousy over that waist and the fact that she looked really good waist up, am not a fan of the skirt. And this is coming from a die-hard AK fan. Perhaps, if the skirt was more high-waisted , there wouldn’t feel such a huge disconnect between the top and the bottom.

I also wish she’d worn open toe sandals instead of those pumps.


Katrina Kaif at 2015 MAMI Film Festival Opening Night


Katrina Kaif at 2015 MAMI Film Festival Opening Night

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  1. Katrina has such a fab body but absolutely no personality! I mean she could be wearing anything and everything but always lacks that pizzazz…same boring hair same boring makeup and NO personality, ever!

  2. It is to Katrina’s credit that she shines even in this ugly outfit in the name of Anamika Khanna. Anamika Khanna designs such ugly clothes that I simply detest her designs.

  3. You guys are never happy till people do over the top bird nest hair and geisha makeup like its their goddamn wedding reception. Let her be if she’s simple.

  4. Abs/ ribs whatever !
    With that amazing body she chose to wear this! Alas! Make up is pretty much on point.
    On a side note, why is everyone painting their eye brows ?

  5. Anamika Khanna designs are HIDEOUS most of the time. They look like cheap arts and crafts projects. Random materials cut up willy nilly and and glued together. What shape is that skirt even supposed to be?

  6. Poker face – check
    Stomach sucked in – check
    Collar bone out – check
    Carefully crafted pout – check

    It could be anyone there, this is like a masterclass in Bollywood posing.
    Except for the poker face, that’s all Katrina !


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