Karisma on Harper’s Bazaar:(Un)Covered

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The yummy mummy of two, Karisma features in the Jan 2011 edition of Harper’s Bazaar shot by photographer Suresh Natarajan at the Taj Falaknuma Palace. Love the Chanel on her but the big hair that is is very reminiscent of Twinkle feels too dated and Dynasty-esque.

Catch snippets of her interview and more pics (in Dior and Bottega Veneta) inside courtesy Harper’s.

Personal: Dressed comfortably in tracks and a T-shirt, she curls up on the sofa. “Frankly I’m the biggest foodie in the world,” she exclaims laughingly. “People are shocked at how much I eat.” The laugh vanishes when I broach the subject of her marriage, but she’s still as polite when she says, “I wouldn’t like to answer any personal questions. You can just write that.” The next day the official statement appears: “The couple is not discussing a divorce at all. In order to be with his family, Sunjay Kapur spends every weekend with them in Mumbai.” He is not the only one travelling. Though daughter Samaira, five, goes to school in Mumbai, Karisma does a bit of living between cities herself. “It’s up and down [between Delhi and Mumbai],” says Karisma. “Today, it’s fun to have a busy life in that sense, [to] go up and down. The modern couple and modern life today are all about jetsetting.

What about talk that her Mumbai sensibilities never quite adjusted to Delhi? “Honestly, that’s absolutely not true,” Karisma denies. “I love Delhi. I think it’s a wonderful city; the spaces are wonderful. I’ve been in and out of Delhi for so long now that I honestly really, really like Delhi. And now I’ve made two-three good friends too. And the food in Delhi… You can’t beat the food there.” If she weren’t so proper I’d accuse her of salivating.

You can change the spelling but you can’t take the Kapoor out of the girl. And Karisma, like the rest of her famous filmi family, loves her food. “I like to endorse healthy living,” she says. “Don’t deny yourself. I’m going to eat French fries now. I’m not just going to be on fruit juice and salads. That’s the wrong way. Eat and lose weight. Do everything in moderation in your life, and it’ll all work out. And frankly, that’s what I’ve done.” So she enjoyed her pregnancies to the max, put on 23kg while carrying her son and then lost it. This, despite the fact that she hates working out. And yoga. “I know yoga is amazing, but I just don’t have the patience. So I work out. I like to gym, I love to walk, I like the natural options.

On Work: I’m seeing a definite pattern here. It holds true even with the brands she endorses—California Almonds, Kellogg’s Chocos, and Puretta Baby Wipes. She reveals that there are quite a few more endorsements on the anvil, but can’t talk about them right now. Despite the fact that she stopped acting in movies around six years ago, Karisma is far from missing on the public platform. She’s been on TV as a judge on Nach Baliye 4, Hans Baliye, and Kitchen Champion 3. She has also walked the ramp at a couple of fashion weeks, and most recently, is becoming something of a fixture on the international fashion brand circuit. And then there’s the buzz of her return to the big screen with a Karan Johar movie with sister Kareena Kapoor.

“I don’t know where all these rumours are coming from, honestly,” she says. “Yes, I am looking at scripts, and thankfully I get a lot of offers, but I’ve not zeroed in on any movie. I’m just enjoying myself, just being a bit laidback, being a mother, having a beautiful home.” She’s more than entitled after having started work a few months shy of her 16th birthday, and slogged it out for more than 10 years before leaving at the top of her game for
marriage. “Karisma has done a lot; she’s extremely versatile,” says Arjun Rampal, one of her co-judges on *Nach Baliye 4* (Farah Khan was the other), and with whom she had earlier been on the World Tour. “She’s seen both commercial success as well as critical acclaim with movies like *Biwi* *No 1,* *Zubeidaa*, and *Fiza*. She’s got great energy, is a lot of fun, and a complete sport.

On Style: It’s not just a love of food that Karisma has got from the Kapoors. It’s also an addiction to white. Her favourite colour, which she supplements with black. “My grandfather and grandmother only wore white. Maybe growing up, I’ve just seen that [and absorbed it],” she muses. “The black is my addition.” The black and white fits in well with her personal style which designer and friend Manish Malhotra, who not only transformed her look in *Raja Hindustani* but also did her wedding ensemble, says is “simplistic, sharp and smart. She loves white shirts and blue jeans, very much like an American star, very Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston. She’s got a great body, takes
care of herself, and I think she has tremendous, tremendous style

I like structured looks and sharp cuts,” Karisma says, picking Chanel, YSL, Prada, and Armani as brands she is partial to. Manish Malhotra’s is the only name she says among Indian designers, and though she rarely wears Indian clothes, she confesses to being partial to the sari. She’s also got a thing for handbags and can’t ever leave home without one. And talk about shoes and her face lights up; she says they are essential to her poise and how good
she feels. “But I’m not a crazy person who has thousands,” she says. “I buy things I feel are worth it. I need something that will last, and even if it’s two seasons old or even if I wear it in two years, it should be

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar India

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  1. she looks like a dream… love her in the flowy white dress on the stairs. The dress is so see-through. But as it is a photoshoot, it still looks awesome !!!
    On the cover she is so photoshopped that i couldnt recognise her.
    Cant believe she is a mother of 2. Look at the vibe she gives when compared Malaika Arora. I am sure any child would be proud to have a mom who is dress like Karishma.

  2. I refuse to believe that the woman on the cover is Karisma…atleast the one in the white dress has some resemblance but the one on the cover….no way its her !!

  3. OMG!!!!! She looks like a 50s Hollywood glam babe in the black and white pic!!! And Scarlett o Hara would be proud of her descending the steps with such joy….. Classic…

    But somehow, the cover looks slightly off.. may be the pose, the weirdly thick lips (which are not like her real ones)… something about it is not right…

  4. one word .. awesome!!!!!!!!!!! she is truly dazzling in all the pics. lets not criticize just for the heck of it .. she is truly beautifull here..

  5. i am a mother of one child and am aware how much it takes to loose being a mother of two .. hats off to her for keeping fit and maintaining too ..

  6. Flawless skin. Great hair. Perfect body. (Even if you want to give some of the credit to make-up, designers, photoshop). One word for her: FAB

  7. I dont wanna comment anything bad, cuz I LOVE her and since its new year. :D All I wanna say is..she could have done better in the hair department.

  8. What with Madhuri and Karisma, this looks set to be the season of super comebacks. And I for one am not complaining. Its getting a bit tiring to see women vanish the minute they hit 30 while our heroes go on and on and on (opposite women young enought to be their daughters).

    Ok sorry I’m just so excited about this that I got sidetracked for a bit :P The spread is very unorignal and dull: they had the perfect oppurtunity to reinvent Karisma in a glamourous/ eccentirc new avatar and wasted it :-(

  9. She is soooo much classier and so much more elegant than her sister!
    She looks good in this shoot, except for her hair.. especially on the cover! makes her head look bigger than her body! like it’s been photo-shopped!

    One of the few actresses who could carry off nearly everything she wore!

  10. Beautifullllll…esp the white:) love it :) she looks divine :)

    on a side note: it strikes me when someone says Frankly I’m the biggest foodie in the world,” she exclaims laughingly. “People are shocked at how much I eat.” ..I mean though it might be true (no arguments thr) it still does not go down well….I sounds soo artificial….

      • It depends….when they say they are the biggest foodie they are comparing themselves with the other actress’s food habits, and not ours. The term ‘foodie’ has two different meanings, one for us and one for them, if you get my drift

      • well it can be true . . . alot of times people r blessed with a great metabolism . . . so it aint sumthing artificial or hate-worthy . . . being foodie can be plain intrested in food , doesnt mean a foodie wud end up having large portionz of food all life long . . . :)

  11. i love the pictures absolutely stunning and the pictures are very high class…love the yellow and white dress on her….i know that her body is not photoshopped i’ve seen her in person and she is way more smart and white than she appears in pictures…but yeah i agree that the face and hairs on cover is unnecessarily photoshoped…but she is stunning.

  12. Looks great but photoshopped to death and I should know – I work in this field! Looks like a different person. I do hope women looking at this understand that the result of photoshoots is a combination of very excellent makeup by professionals, lighting, photoshop, and great stylists. Good looks help but you can only look THAT good and not as flawless as these photos suggest.

  13. Went va va voom after looking at the cover. She looks so glamorous on the cover and I think the hair adds to it. (Also wondering what about what wonders lighting can do..) I agree with her, she is a natty dresser no doubt. Maybe not adventurous but she steps out looking good. She has a well-kept figure and the clothes look great on her… and nice set of shoes.

  14. She is one classy lady and so beautiful. But I do not like the outfit, hair or shoes on the cover, why would one wear a chanel suit with a pair of sandals, makes no sense. Terrible styling. She looks great in the white and peach outfit. She is wearing shorts under the white outfit. Wish she was standing in the peach outfit.

  15. By the way, did she glue her heels to the shoes in the first photo? How does it stay on without any visible means of support on the heel part esp. when her feet look relaxed and not tensed ( which it would be if she’s holding up the heel part)???? Anyone? Any idea?

  16. I only gonna swoon over the location – the Falaknuma (meaning like the sky) looks absolutely stunning . Had been there once and am still wowed by its royal elegance . Pretty sure the Taj guys have done a great job of restoring it.

  17. Wow!!! Thank God for the comments here. I really thot i Had gone blind and didnt think the 1st pic looks like her. But love the look, she does look great.


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