The (Navy) Blues

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In support of the cricket team (or so we think), these ladies did blue. Albeit, the shade of blue was not quite the right one but it is the thought that counts, right?

The navy Birkin on Karisma was yummy but never in a million years did we dream that we’d see her give us a velour+Birkin look. We call Bourghetto on that one! Raveena, on the other hand, was a surprise. We loved her casual look from head to toe. And, that’s a biggie, considering that most of the times, it’s her footwear that kills a look.

Karisma Kapoor and Raveena Tandon at SRK’s World Cup Screening Party

Photo Credit: Viral

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    • Karishma didn’t wear it for fashion..she wore it for comfort to watch the 7 + hr cricket game… would you wear skinny jeans if u had to sit that long..uhh not so smart of raveena!

      • she is watching a cricket game for 7 hours, not playing it lol! I am sure jeans get many people through a day comfortably.

        The idea of a velour jumpsuit is hilarious, but she doesnt look horrible or anything. she looks okay, but the whole get up is wacky.

  1. Raveena has very broad feet so she can’t wear/get any shoe that is closed which is why she has to stick with mostly open and wide shoes. Also, I’ve noticed that she doesn’t wear too high heels (maybe due to some issues) so we should give her the benefit of doubt for that. I bet she has that much fashion sense and can afford what she wants, it probably that she just can’t wear them.


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