Grey Matters

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At the screening of Saif’s movie Go Goa Gone, both husband and wife went the grey route. We’re not sure if that was a coincidence or planned but in this case, we’d really have appreciated if they had coordinated it better. More so, Kareena, in this case.

Her gorgeous makeup-free face wasn’t enough to distract us from the drab grey-on-grey look. A white tee would’ve made for a much better (and coordinated) look.


Left: Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan at Go Goa Gone Screening
Right: Zara Skirt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like that Saif chooses to dress like a sensible adult, rather than the either overtly suited (Shahrukh) or the muscle t-shirted (Salman, Aamir) Khans!

    oh btw – guys – sue that youtube plagarizer!!

  2. Wow so tanned. And bth ave great skin. But she looks like she’s wearing home lounge wear. And it’s all too grey. But such a cute couple

  3. I actually love the easy comfy vibe of Kareena’s outfit. Love the pairing of the skirt with a kurtha.. Its got a hippy/bohemian/Haryanvi village girl vibe to it (cant find the right words to describe it)..

  4. She was and she is beautiful but if we are here to discuss her dressing sense I would give her negative marking for dressing so shabbily. One can manage to look stylish even wearing casuals but she seems to have no interest in clothes.

  5. This look has comfort written all over it. They both look super relaxed and so beautiful. In this weather it’s the perfect thing to do

  6. Pretty drab.. a side braid a chic cross body and a statement neck piece might have salvaged the look a bit but how pretty does she look !!

  7. Hasnt saif worn this kurta in his marriage? In the left pic,they look so good together…! They look like a normal couple..but saif looks better here…kareena’s look is not apt for a movie screening…but she gives me an ‘ i-am -here-to-support-my-hubby’ vibe…:)

  8. Aww, she looks so sweet, and actually better without make-up! I know it’s a fashion site but who cares about what she is wearing when they look so adorable.

  9. Cheers to normally (non-filmy) dressed people who aren’t going berserk about compulsively coordinating the vaguest elements with each other…Saif is so much more than a film star,you can see he has a life and interests (prodigious ones at that) apart from being a desperate wannabe who consciously avoids repeating clothes he has worn before…
    and Kareena is dressed just like an average girl on a relaxed day out..try living with the enormous pressures of being immaculate all the time and most of you self assuming aesthetes will end up as fodder for the WTHEYY section almost everyday..


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