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Kareena opted for a icy-hued blue chikankari lehenga by Manish Malhotra to wear to the Ambani-Mehta wedding on Saturday. I actually love the lehenga itself, the color, the workmanship, well, all of it.

Something was off though, and I blame the makeup. Just me feeling that way?

Kareena Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is such a forced look. Major contouring, bronzing, ab makeup. Wearing a dupatta in that weird way to bring her abs to the centre of everyone’s attention. That necklace that doesn’t go with anything at all. Not a good look, and Kareena needs to evaluate her clothing choices for major events.

  2. So many things wrong with this look. Firstly, this lehenga style is overdone and overrated. Then you have the deer in headlights pose. And finally, there are only a small amount of people that could probably pull off this look – i.e. people with an edgy attitude and actual style.

  3. Makeup is terrible and the constant sucking of cheeks gives her a very vampish look. Maybe it would look a little better if she smiled.

  4. This woman is definitely going through some fashion crisis. The make up is horrid and the pout is so stupid. It’s a wedding for God’s sake not some fashion poster.Very rarely Kareena’s looks are elegant and she is seems miles away from achieving that.

  5. Her makeup makes her look like a those excessive plastic surgery done ppl… she has such a beautiful face n the makeup just makes it contorted

  6. After being in the business for as long as she has been, how does she not know that excessive contouring and pouting are not her friends.

  7. An average look ruined by her contouring and pout.. She should go with natural make up. She looked so good in coffee with karan..

  8. I always thought Kareena would be one of those evergreen actresses – but not like this. Not by being a tryhard wannabe teen girl.

  9. I need a moment to recover. Such ghastly make up. She looks like a frozen statue in a horror show.She should fire her make up artist and follow it up by firing her stylist for making her look so bad. Why did she agree to wear such terrible clothes?
    I believe her and cronies such as KJO have a whatsapp group called Guts where they criticize people on their clothes. And yet, this is how she showed up at a high profile wedding??? Baffled

    • Ya and the funniest is that malaika is a member of that group. I repeat malaika arora is a member of a group called Guts. We’ve all seen her looks and the one thing that comes to mind is “Gutsssssss!!”

  10. Oh yeah! She looks all set to star on the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It has to be said that most members of the Whatsapp Group GUTS are certified specimens of gaudiness when it comes to their dressing sense KJO, Malaika, Amrita and Kareena included.

  11. Thats one scary makeup…and the puckering of lips is really getting disturbing now, Plus it makes her face look really weird and elongated. Such a mess. Poor bebo having a serious mid-life crisis.

  12. They have even managed to contour her ears away. Her eye make up is insane……with such close set pronounced look, one would wonder if she can only see the tip of her contoured nose !!!!

  13. Lehenga is nice but her face doesn’t need all that contouring. With her bone structure, excessive contouring doesn’t make sense. Some ladies try to whitewash themselves whereas others go crazy with the bronzer. People should embrace their skin and facial features & enhance them – rather than trying to become something else. What works for Kim K doesn’t work for everyone. Wish people would stop blindly aping beauty trends & focus on what works for them.

  14. Kareene is trying to look more and more like Mouni Roy of late, i really thought it was the latter at first glance.
    Not a good sighting at all

  15. I will be the Lone Ranger here and say that i saw another pic of her on insta and she looks mind blowing.
    I think her poses have been caught mid-action but her make up, outfit and jewelry looked just perfect there.


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