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Kareena taped for a radio show on Tuesday wearing a bustier top and pants from Flow The Label with PVC sandals from Truffle Collection.

She sure worked the heck out of the separates but the more I stare, the more I wish the top was better fitted.

Kareena Kapoor

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  1. Why are people dressed in high fashion designer labels for radio shows?? Do they stream it too or it is just meant for getting featured in hhc ;) ?

  2. @NNewbie I so agree. I was thinking about the same when I saw people wear designer wear for No Filter Neha, when on the show Neha Dhupia herself said she wanted a podcast because she didn’t want to go through the whole styling, hair and makeup bits.
    Also this appearance of Kareena made me think of Gary Oldman’s drunk character on ‘Friends’ where he says ‘I’m wearing two belts’ and passes out :D

  3. I agree with the above comment, wannabe Kardashian! Sexy is an attitude, if you have to try it comes off looking really bad which is the case with her most times. She looked amazing during her pregnancy, what happened after?

  4. I’m staring at this pic trying to like it but I really don’t understand the concept of wearing the two belts I swear !!!
    This can’t be fashion


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