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At the launch of an immunization awareness initiative, Kareena was seen in a black Armani pant suit, one that she sure looked fabulous in. Having said that though, while logo-wear maybe in, perhaps at this event, she could’ve picked a blazer that didn’t feature it.


Kareena Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Every look doesn’t have to be fashion statement and it’s ok to dial it down once in a while. This look tells me that Kareena is completely clueless and tone deaf when it comes to event appropriate attire.

    • why is this outfit not appropriate for an immunization event? I think the hair and make up are nice but a tad too much for the event, but her outfit is very appropriate. NO plunging neckline, the pants are fine. Natasha Poonawalla whose family was hosting the event was wearing a pink suit with sky high heels.

      • The outfit as is IS event appropriate but she could have chosen a suit which didn’t have the designer label stitched in it especially an International one. This is an event aimed to spread awareness for a social cause so turning up with the International designer branded into your outfit IS inappropriate. Something that should occur to our celebrities when they turn up for such events because they actually care about the underlying cause.

  2. hahaa..u must be crazy if you are expecting event appropriateness from these film stars…these are simply ” events” for them where they get paid and they turn up in whatever the stylist has given them

    • rarely see Kareena and her gang of 4 giving full blooded smiles with teeth showing. It’s always a fierce look with no smile or at best, a tiny smile. Maybe they’re worried about lines in their cheeks. Or maybe they think big smiles don’t look sexy enough.


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