Kareena in Hi Blitz, Decoded!

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I have to say that Kareena on Vogue was more fun, because of all the yummy clothes! Not digging the HiBlitz choices at all. I can’t believe she agreed to wear that ugly Moschino dress!

Above: Kareena in Jean Paul Gaultier

Above: Kareena in Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti

Above: Kareena and Sienna in Chanel

Above: Kareena in Moschino

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  1. The garments worn in the Vogue were refreshing, interesting and modern. The silhouettes, colours and print here are boring. I don’t like Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino dresses at all; maybe the styling (gloves) made it appear less appealing to me for D&G dress. Kareena looks hotter than the model, but I wish she shouldn’t have worn her rings in the first pic.
    I am sorry guys I am fussy about minute detail as such, which could be annoying to others. I see many Indian celebs wearing rings, esp. on the index finger, which I think is okay sometimes, but not all the time. It’s just me, don’t be mad.

  2. nepali, your eye for details is a bonus. and good fashion is always about details. your opinions are respected.
    now to kareena…..i have started to admire this girl’s dedication to changing her look. and she is looking exquisite in every picture. love the alberta ferretti and chanel designs and how she has been accessorized. but wish the colors showed through.

  3. Nepali – Can you name some names of Nepali celebs and socialites who we can also evaluate alongside Kareena and Aishwarya.


  4. isn’t Manisha Koirala from Nepal – but she is hideous along with her brother. I am sure there are plenty celebs in Nepal too and it will be interesting to look at them as well. What about Pakistani fashionistas…They are interesting and very fashion conscious women.

  5. Kareena dahling, I love the fact that you have lost weight and are trying to be stylish, but please don’t LOOK like you are trying soooooo hard. Case in point: This photo shoot.

  6. I don’t know about Nepali celebs or socialites, and I have only watched few Nepali movies when I was a kid, and I liked one female actor, but she doesn’t play in movies anymore. I think we are way behind, and I know, saying this doesn’t help, and I should be a responsible citizen. There is Manisha Koirala and she was my friend’s fav female actor, but she isn’t popular among us. Those I have seen interested in fashion, are influenced by Indian celebs (but dress more like the celebs, who are seen in the post wearing denims or tacky churidars, not the likes of designer wearing celebs) or hiphop style.
    The reasons I comment here are, obviously because I love fashion; I could share and learn, this blog isn’t as crowded as some other, where your comment has no value, I watch some Hindi movies on youtube if the review is good, so I know the celebs, and lastly because I am behind the computer. I am open to all kinds of garments including, traditional Indian costumes from different regions, accessories and foods.
    PS: My views don’t speak for other Nepalis and their interest/knowledge in fashion.

  7. I think the comment of the first Anonymous was a bit sarcastic but Nepali handled it in a very good way as she was honest.

    Nepal’s film industry has yet to blossom and unlike the Indian Community where working in movies has been embraced SO well nowadays, In Nepal it is still considered a taboo and baaaad. But mind you I have seen Nepali women so beautiful that they can give the likes of Aishwarya, Kareena a run for their money. Alas we can never comment on their fashion as they will Never be in movies.

    So you guys, keep in mind that we are commenting on the fashion part and sometimes on the acting! and not their background!

  8. Unlike the vogue photoshoot Kareena has this “I know I am hot” look on her face. That takes away something substantial from the final result. But otherwise she looks fine.

    On this whole “nepali” discussion I have to mention that even before India had a film industry – the India rich and famous were a major part of international glitterati. Maharani Gayatri Devi made it to the Vogue cover. So the fact that the commoners like us don’t see Nepali socialites does not mean there aren’t any. I don’t beleive there was any sarcasm as such in any of the posts just curiosity.

    My 2 cents.

  9. Kareena is a star…so the outfits is not the important, they are only a prop for the photos of this girl. The photos have a sameness to them, and that has to do with the photographer, who wants her to look a certain way, the idea is to make her look old world glam, hence the slightly sepia tones to the pics. Beautiful girl, nice but safe pics, and very boring styling, makes it forgettable photo shoot.

  10. I agree Rashmi. I understand the sarcasm you mentioned, maybe because I said, the Indians, but it was alright when you said it, because of the username. It happens everywhere I guess, like even when others say, the Nepalis, we may become a little emotional, but we don’t feel anything when criticising our own country and people. Anyway it’s done and dusted.

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