In Dolce & Gabbana

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A first glance at Kangna and my reaction was eeks! You really can’t blame me cuz the first pic I saw was the 2nd pic.

In trying to tie the look together (the red pumps + the lips), Kangna really misfired because the lip color was much too severe.

Left: Kangna Ranaut at No Problem Promotional Event
Right: Dolce & Gabbana Floral Dress

Kangna Ranaut at No Problem Promotional Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This autumn the trends dictate berry lips, so here we go, a master class in how it doesn’t work to just follow a trend that barely complements you. I love a dark lip, but the dress, the garish shoes.. all too overwhelming.
    even a pared down goth look would do for me ! Points for pushing the boat though !

  2. makeups terrible! i don’t know if its the foundation or what but she does look very ghostly. the dress itself …nothing great..such a downer.

    • ooh forgot to mention even though I have gone to town criticizing but just wanna say love how she changes it up so much and doesnt stick to a formula..even though she comes off looking terrible sometimes

  3. don’t love this look but love how she keeps changing it up. she makes mistakes but isn’t afraid to try something new the next day. way to go.

  4. freakk this chick looks good! she has soo much style n individuality!! atleast she doesn’t look like a clone of every other actress we see today who think they’re oh-so-glamorous!! way to go chika….????

  5. i honestly dont understand the mentality of ppl here… its a high fashion look…. infact saw simmilar look on maddona in the dolce and gabbana campiagn… i guess hats off too her for being a fashion icon and willing to experiment… its oh so international!!!


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