Keepin’ It Simple

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Kangna chose to keep it simple and casual in a flirty dress at a recent screening.

Ordinarily, this dress would’ve been way too cutesy for me, especially when seeing it on someone like Ms. Ranaut… But not this time, Kangna looks just so darn adorable!

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Kangna Ranaut At Dabangg Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Another screening and another sighting of flip flops. she looks like she rolled out of bed. the dress borders lingerie almost. Sorry this look is not cutting it.

  2. is it jus me or did anyone else notice she is totaly takin tips frm ms sinhna da style of standin da way she’s wearin dat bag ! bt still i luv her she always put an affort to look good !

  3. no no no no no… this is not working whatsoever! from the mop head hair, the weird frills on dress, to the flip flops – it’s all wrong.

  4. LOL my daadi used to wear those style slip ons.. I hate dresses or tops where they mix chiffon with satin, and that too when its done ina wrong way.
    Could’ve been better as strapless dress with some nice heels

  5. come on girls you are running a fashion blog and u can’t figure out this is a fashion disaster. u are surely a kangana fan. the woman if we can call her so is challenging suri cruise.

  6. I usually love Kangana’s style, think she’s a breath of fresh air in Bollywood…this one doesnt look good at all and her legs are quite stumpy…somehow this dress accentuates that…


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