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For her appearance at a recent awards event, Kangana picked a Tony Ward Couture gown to wear. An updo in place, the actor rounded out her look with a strong red lip and Aurelle by Leshna Shah jewelry.

On anyone else, the embroidered train combined with the pleated ruffle-detailing could’ve easily been overwhelming. Not the case with Ms. Ranaut, she made it all work; the actor looked good.

All that said, I do think her gown/look was excessive for the event in question.

Kangana Ranaut At Reebok Fit To Fight Awards 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The arrogant posing is awful !
    The colour of the dress is beyond gorgeous but her “Queen” act is getting repetitive now . Her hair and make up are too harsh . It’s ageing her quite abit and that drags down the whole look .
    Kangana doesn’t carry it with the grace it deserves.
    The dress itself although excessive for this event would have looked show stopping at Filmfare on maybe deepika , Katrina or even Vaani Kapoor

    • Crawling out of the woodwork for some not so subtle trolling/bullying on every Kangana Ranaut post. Clutching at the pearls, are we?

      • If that comment was a direct attack on me, please read the rest of the comments who are all agreeing that she looks ott.
        I comment honestly on alot of posts..its not trolling or bullying . It’s an opinion which this forum was created for .

      • Hahaha Liaa,

        You are the flag-bearer of Hate/Haters.

        Clearly you dislike Kangana for the trolling u just had to do…

        I still feel that a Queen is a Queen, and she will dress as her mood feels like, and it is uplifting to see her embrace her status and looking ravishing at this event. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.. and the scale of the show was grand !!

        What do you expect to come in? Safe and sound dress and style like Katrina and Vaani?

  2. She’s going The sonam kapoor way ….. it’s just too much and not her usual understated style . The colour is gorgeous though

  3. She looks fabulous, dramatic and glamorous. But I agree with P and P, she is wayy tooo overdressed for the event. I wish she had saved it for a different event. Part of being a fashionista is also to know when to hold back and when to go the whole nine yards. On that account, this look is a fail.

    • Totally, the event is not doing justice to the gown and vice versa. Feels OTT just for that reason.
      But then everyone in the industry these days is doing that. sigh…

    • I dont imagine the celebrities are called upon to fight anyone at the event. That would be like saying the lux filmfare awards need them to use lux and read the filmfare.

      Tbh: sometimes we need to think for a moment before typing random comments.


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