In pas de calais

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Going the skirt route, Kangana opted for separates from pas de calais sporting them with a braided do, her McQueen bag and grey oxfords. It’s a casual look that wouldn’t work on everyone but Ms. Ranaut pulls it off with ease.

You like?


Kangana Ranaut at ABCD 2 Success Bash
Right: pas de calais Sweater and Top Set ( BUY )

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Aaaaah! More than anything else, what I really do feel on seeing this look is “that is how breezy and easy I want to feel the moment I return home from office”.. That feeling you get when you take off that clothing and slip in your pajamas and loose tshirt!!!!

    I’m sure that is how she must be feeling. I mean they have to be spruced up all the time.. Even actors are human.

  2. Love her easy breezy look .Also the fact that she can dress so causally and look so happy .Not really trying too hard is super endearing .Respect for kangana!


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