Miu Miu Mania!

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The purple one made its appearance on Bipasha (after being spotted on many a covers), guess, it was only a matter of time before the orange one also got spotted closer to home. :P

Love both the dresses, do wish we had a full-length of Kangana from the Cosmo editorial.

Left: Bipasha Basu In Vogue India, Oct 2010
Right: Kangana Rananut in Cosmopolitan India, Oct 2010

Miu Miu Fall 2010

Photo Credit: SureshNatarajan, Cosmopolitan

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  1. Both Bipasha and Kangna look great with Kangna actually looking like herself for once in a photoshoot. (By which I mean that the photoshopping is subtle here). If I had to nitpick, Kangna’s tacky stripper gel nails are bothering me. :(

  2. oh my god – what awful photoshopping! seriously!

    the outline of the right side of her face totally doesnt match the left side. right side is puffy, while the left side is obviously photoshopped.

    and what have they done to her eyes? they dont match – she looks cross eyed.

    ok, that aside, maggi noodles hair is NOT for giant foreheads. unless you WANT to look like a solid gold dancer.

    • You just stole the words right out of my mouth. Kangana for all her new found oomph is just too wannabe. Just check out her contrived poses in red carpet appearances. Bips on the other hand is a class apart!

  3. Normally I would have said this about Bipasha, but there is something off about Kangana’s eyes in the pictures. They both look gorgeous though.

  4. This one goes to Bips ……..she is looking absolutely stunning and the colours of her dress is working on her but kangana’s hair colour is not complementing the dress and that watch has to go…..

  5. bipasa, just because her face looks so elegant …. as for the dress – its really ugly, can’t believe its traveled around the world so much

  6. The something off in Kangana’s eyes is her lenses.. I have seen way too many people unnecessarily cross eyed in them.

    And dear god the photoshopping on her breasts is eh….


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