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Wearing an aqua Maheshwari sari with her signature Dior shades, a string of pearls and Lady Dior bag, Kangana arrived back to Mumbai on Sunday.

She looked good.

Kangana Ranaut

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’m starting to think she is draping these sarees at the airport. There is no way the maheswari didn’t crease on that flight!
    Lovely saree though.

  2. The drape is traditional but also a bit messy, no? I feel like pulling up the bottom half of it would help, esp in that middle pic.
    It’s a classy look still – the pearls, the big shades, the little purse and the color of the saree.

  3. That saree is too beautiful to be near those ugly shades, that ugly bag.. I wonder if she does that because she wants to show people that even if she’s wearing saree, she’s really rich and can afford foreign brands.. I can’t think of a fashion reason for the pairing.. personal taste I guess.

    • I’m not really knowledgeable enough to answer this but for me I look at the border – typically Maheshwaris have a simpler, broad border compared to Chanderis which have more intricate detailing.

  4. Fashion wise, it is really good. Smart and well draped and pretty looking.
    I’m out on a limb here, but I think she and her team read hhc. They know what looks get praises and how the airport looks started getting too OTT. There might be nothing wrong in this, but they are doing this to be in good books of fashion blogs other than a genuine personal interest in saris. Nothing against Kangana or her team (I quite like her) but the timing and frequency of sari based airport looks have taken off since th regular diss from the fashion critiques. Just me? Maybe!

  5. Kangana’s latest film Manikarnika which is based on Rani Laxmi Bai, is slated to release in a month or so and for that it is likely that her wardrobe in the next few months will constitute ethnic Indian clothes.

    Personally, I love how she has embraced the saree. Coming to this look, many Indian women wear sarees with sunglasses, necklaces (pearls, etc.). for work and this signature look of her’s is very relatable and is also close to her chic personal style. Goals!


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