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Kangana, who also features on the cover of this month’s Verve Best Dressed edition in Dior, took in the label’s Spring 2016 presentation in Paris wearing an Haute Couture look.

I think we can all agree that her front row fashion was quite on point!

P.S. Catch the Verve cover inside!


Kangana Ranaut at Dior Spring 2016 Presentation


Kangana Ranaut on Verve Oct 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I really love Kangana but all her recent looks look so overthought. Maybe it’s just me but she appears very look at me, almost arrogant in her recent pictures.

  2. Oh-My-Gawd!! She looks like a French supemodel in the 1st look!! Everything is on point! And I cant believe that the outfit actually looks color-coordinated with the surrounding there!! The look on the cover too is perfect!! Kangana,you go girl!!

  3. The more I look at what she is wearing at the presentation, I really love the look, and how on point she is with her fashion sense. But, I admit she can smile sometimes ;)..

  4. Yea I agree, I think her style was effortless and that’s what people saw instantly. Now I fear she is tilting towards Sonam problem- trying too hard. She also seems to be getting a face to match. Be natural Kangana. Looking uptight and losing her individuality. Not working for me.

  5. Those gloves (burberry ?) look hideous.. And i do agree she has been too arrogant of late.. I hope it doesn’t become a real life Fashion(movie) .. Nothing great about any looks here

  6. She is just wearing a Dior look head to toe. Not her own style. She is trying too hard, like always. And always so full of herself, especially in all the interviews.


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