Dressed Down Vs Dressed Up

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The avatar you liked?

Update: Since so many of you asked, the linen outfit and the natural hair is the ‘Dressed Down’.


Left: Kangana Ranaut, ‘Apne’ Premiere
Right: Kangana Ranaut, My E-Bike Launch


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  1. love her firsth looks … she looks cool and fresh .. black one is also nice but i dont like her hair straight and tat cap is a big noooo….love her shoesss with the white oneee just love that shoes

  2. actually, both her avatars are fusion of dressed up and dressed down…so I believe u calling the white as dressed down…hmm…I like the white simply coz she looks herself, is relaxed and not looking like she is trying too hard…the black seems like she just got out of watching Dostana and wanted to ape PriC’s look in the movie plus her makeup is soooo OTT in the pic on the right, and why a hat indoors during the evening…cho silly no?

  3. KR looks nice in both pix but she rocks it more in the 2nd one. she looks like shez gonna brk into DUM MARO DUM anytime now! but her make up looks pasty. this gal’s got awesome legs, though.

  4. i’m embarassed to say that i can’t make out which is the ‘dressed up’ and which is the ‘dressed down’ version since they both look like cute party wear to me and i think she carries off both outfits well..it’s nice to see her smile for a change in the first one!

  5. I love her in the white outfit. In the second one, she looks like a waitress. I can’t get over how versatile she is with her looks…its like 2 different people in both pics!

  6. I can’t believe anyone is praising the black outfit. She looks godawful. The outfit looks cheap and right out of the 80s and to top it off with a stupid hat and work pumps. LOL

    And what the hell has she done to her face? For a moment, I thought she was Cher.

  7. Kangana is so beautiful! I think she looks much better in that first outfit with her natural hair. The second one looks like she put in too much effort. It’s only glamor if it looks like you’re not trying…

  8. kangana is such a beauty. She’s got so much of style and she carries herself very well.
    The first pic of hers in white dress is simply “oh so chic” where as the black one is more like Alicia Keys.Stylish but made up .
    She is not afraid to experiment. Thats what I love about her daredevil attitude.

  9. looks better in white – the shoes with the black is so wrong. If you check her out in the black outfit in the rest of the pictures of the event – less said the better! I like her cause she always attempts something different everytime but sometimes an outfit looks bad on a person just because one does not carry oneself in a dignified manner.

  10. i prefer the first photo. she looks awesome in the white dress. but that doesnt mean that the black dress one is horrible.

    even though i dont like the makeup in the second pic…and the fact that she looks to be trying too hard….she doesnt look hideous. she still ends up lookin quite decent. but when im given a choice, i would pick the smily KR.

    however, she doesn’t look “wthey”…KR is one of those, that hardly looks horrible. Plus, like someone before me said, she’s so versatile. two different looks, and she looks pretty in all of them!

  11. hmmm…love hr dress sense…actualy d only one(besides deepika) wid a gd fashion sense in d Indian instry!!d others hv horrid ideas abt d same!!!
    bt yep, she does look bettr in d frst one.


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